Russian and Italian leaders talked on the phone about security guarantee in Russia

2022-05-04 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Moscow, February 1 (reporter Hu Xiaoguang)Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi discussed security guarantees and the situation in Ukraine in a telephone conversation On Monday, the Russian presidential website reported.Putin elaborated on Russia’s main positions on security guarantees, stressing the importance of observing the basic principle of indivisibility of security.Mr. Draghi expressed unease about developments in Ukraine.Putin said the Ukrainian government should take concrete steps to implement the measures set out in the Minsk agreement.According to ITAR-Tass, the press service of the Italian Prime Minister’s office issued a statement on January 1, saying that Draghi expressed the importance of taking action to reduce the tension in Ukraine during the phone conversation.The deterioration of Russia-Ukraine relations has accelerated recently, with both sides deploying a large number of military personnel and equipment along their border.The United States, Ukraine and NATO claim that Russia has massed heavy forces on the border with Ukraine and may be preparing for an “invasion” of Ukraine.Russia denies the claim.In December 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on dialogue on security guarantees with the United States and other Western countries, demanding that the United States and NATO provide legal guarantees to exclude the possibility of further eastward expansion.From January 10 to 13 this year, Russia held dialogues with the US and NATO respectively on the above-mentioned security guarantee proposals, but no substantive results were achieved.(after)