The province’s grain planting area and output reached a new high and exceeded the national production targets of 12,000 hectares and 20,000 tons respectively

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Zhen) On February 11, the reporter learned from the provincial agricultural and rural work conference that since last year, the planting area of all kinds of crops in the province reached 568,000 hectares, an increase of 0.037,000 hectares over the previous year.Among them, the grain planting area was 302,000 hectares and the grain output was 1.091m tons, exceeding the national production targets of 12,000 hectares and 20,000 tons respectively, keeping the figure above one million tons for 14 consecutive years and reaching a new high.In 2021, the province to pay special attention to the food production as a major political task in the first place, the implementation of food safety responsibility, further implement the “hide to food” “storing grain in” strategy, promote the whole film covering cultivation techniques of 66700 hectares, rotation low-toxin chemical pilot area of 13300 hectares, the training of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery, farmers more than 8000 technicians (time),Conservation tillage was carried out on 34,200 hectares of land, and deep tillage was completed on 43,300 hectares of land.We promoted the implementation of measures to increase yields, such as green prevention and control, and crop rotation and stubble, strengthened the protection of cultivated land, built 20,000 hectares of high-standard farmland, and irrigated 0.2,670 hectares of farmland with efficient water-saving irrigation.At the same time, we intensified efforts to increase yield per unit area through science and technology. Agricultural technology extension personnel at all levels went to the front lines of production, vigorously carried out integrated demonstration and application of green and efficient technological models, held more than 300 training courses of various kinds, and trained 15,071 high-quality farmers and herdsmen, including experts in planting and breeding.In addition, a total of 58,826 agricultural facilities of various types were investigated by carrying out “greenhouse house” renovation and “look back” investigation, organizing dragnet “look back” investigation and satellite remote sensing data “carpet” re-investigation.Qinghai Daily (February 14, 2022, the first edition: Front page) statement: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily except the source indicated, and it is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!