“Welcome winter Olympics” paper cutting works selected

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Like “Fire”, click on the blue word attention bar!Zhang Yili is a native of Xifeng District, Qingyang City, Gansu Province.Like paper-cut, cloth paste painting, farmer painting and other creation.Member of China National Association, director of Gansu Province farmers painting and calligraphy Research Association, member of Qingyang Artists Association, representative inheritor of qingyang intangible cultural heritage paper-cut.Paper-cut works have been selected for national exhibitions and academic seminars for many times.In 2009, he started to walk into the campus and carried out voluntary paper-cutting teaching and training, training nearly 2,000 paper-cutting enthusiasts.Qingyang municipal people’s Congress, Xifeng district “moral model”.”Celebrate the games” paper-cut works END low threshold (the original “prose world”) when he was a river (the former gansu daily) where the most beautiful flower (the original “Guangming Daily”) low pure light (the original “olive”) that is no also decree by destiny (the original “prose offprint”) is low and borrow the spring breeze of plum (formerly “the flying apsaras”) lowBridge in Lanzhou (originally published as Flying Apsaras), Winter in Lanzhou (originally published as Guangming Daily), I wish him to pursue his dream (originally published as Olive Green), The breath of his hometown (originally published as Ankang Daily), Sunglasses (originally published as Selected Prose), Gengzi (originally published as Selected Prose in western China), and Squirrels (originally published as Selected Prose in western China).