Woman was “boyfriend” cheated out of a large sum of money police arrested behind the gang

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Nowadays, “online love” is becoming more and more popular among young people. They accidentally met a love on the Internet. They thought it was a predestined relationship with a young and handsome head picture, plus considerate greetings from time to time, but never expected that what was waiting for her was a carefully designed scam.Case review In October 2021, Nanjing Ms. Li online love claiming to be an international software engineer Wang mou.Wang mou said that he was doing an online gambling game project, as the internal head, enjoy the opportunity to issue welfare funds.Ms Li put all her money into the so-called high-return investment project by betting on a gambling website recommended by her.Wang first to Ms. Li’s account in the top up of the “500,000 yuan”, Ms. Li after the operation found that it did earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and cash one or two hundred dollars, believing it to be true, have invested 4.69 million yuan.Seduced by the high returns, Li did not realize the risks of investing her money in the gambling website until mid-November, when her boyfriend, surnamed Wang, lost contact with the website to collect a deposit of more than 1.7 million yuan. Li called the police.Police in the subsequent investigation, locked to participate in the transfer of Ms. Li’s money lawless elements.In mid-December, police arrested a money-laundering gang that was buying bank cards at high prices and using them to transfer the money.It is understood that the head of the gang are overseas, online gambling platform.The card head is responsible for organizing the bank card holders to provide bank cards to the team operators for transfer.The suspect will open different rooms through different people. The organizer will take the card owner to different rooms, and their operators will operate the card owner.When the card owner enters the room, he will take away his bank card and mobile phone, and then these operators will make the transfer.After the police investigation, Wang mou is not money laundering gang members, is likely to be a member of the overseas fraud gang.Currently, those who participated in money laundering and those who provided bank cards were arrested on charges of covering up and concealing the crime and helping information network crime.Shu shu reminds online friends to be careful, resolutely do not participate in any gambling nature of activities.Strangers who meet online ask for money for any reason, do not easily trust and transfer money, must verify their identity, to prevent being cheated.Source: Nanjing Network Police