Huaxi No.1 courtyard, the moon is coming

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Lantern Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.Due to the epidemic prevention and control task this year, huaxi No.1 Courtyard did not organize people to make handmade Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival, is one of China’s traditional festivals, also known as The Lantern Festival, yuan Night, Lantern Festival.In the north, many places have said the fifteenth day of the first month, the year is over, folk saying: “The light market, happy New Year, under the lamp, the goods clear.”One courtyard number to follow up since the Spring Festival starts, huaxi LaiShui county city “appearance level” ascension work progress, focus on the “build Beijing male protect integration development area, building livable new LaiShui appropriate industry appropriate swim” target, around the “safety, progress, quality, production, and building”, in “pure” fluctuation kongfu, grasp the implementation in the “thin”, carding Qiu city historical and cultural characteristics,Continue to combine community landscape design with county development, and build a scientific urban system together with surrounding markets.Lantern trouble every year, this year is different.Not “make yuanxiao”, does not mean not lively.Days and years of people zengshou, chun Qiankun fu full, huaxi no.1 courtyard many people with red robes, gauze hats chubby “Tianguan blessing” New Year pictures, some home to hang red lanterns all night.”Origin month such as day, a total of spring light wins flowers.”Walking along Huaxi, you can feel the rhythm of spring and the beautiful moments of bright moon everywhere.The Lantern Festival is naturally to eat Yuanxiao, Yuanxiao is divided into stuffing, with stuffing and solid without stuffing two kinds, mostly to eat sweet, there are also fresh meat to eat salty.The southern tradition is delicate and refreshing water mill yuanxiao, while the northern custom is wrapped in a round ball. In fact, both yuanxiao and tangyuan symbolize reunion, harmony and happiness.The first lunar month, and the first half of the moon is the first “round” day, people to symbolize good luck, so special attention.Since the Spring Festival, there are a lot of customers have come to huayxi No.1 courtyard to see the house and view the scenery.Because the Lantern Festival, many people may be engaged in the production of spring ploughing, so seize this time to choose a house.If you have delayed buying yuanxiao recently because you are choosing a house in Huaxi No.1 Courtyard, we can prepare a variety of yuanxiao for you. If you choose a house carefully, we will arrange yuanxiao.Laishui Calligraphy and Painting Will be organized in Laishui After the Lantern Festival, so that laishui residents can feel the history and culture of laishui more visually, so that they can relax and exercise in laishui culture and strengthen the sense of happiness and gain in Huaxi community in the new era.This is not only a part of the community cultural activities, but also the continuation of the content of celebrating the New Year.Tonight, the winter Olympics news, the town lights, Huaxi Haoyue high hanging.On this holiday season, Huaxi No.1 Courtyard wishes all owners and friends from all walks of life happiness and prosperity.