“Snow Swallow” and “Snow Dragon” : The Future of the Winter Olympics

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Method to protect the games build future world-beating winter games will be opened today! Let us approach with yanqing court “snow swallow” and “flying snow” feel its charm “swallow” snow country alpine skiing center alpine skiing center lies in the northwest of Beijing yanqing district, will be as alpine skiing venue of the 2022 Beijing Olympics,Downhill, super G, giant slalom, slalom and other events are held.The National Alpine Ski Center has seven of the country’s highest level ski runs, with a total length of about 10 kilometers and a maximum vertical drop of more than 900 meters, creating a highly competitive competition environment for winter Olympic athletes.The platform in the starting area of the track looks like a big kite landing on the top of the mountain. The main part of the track looks like a white waterfall winding and flowing towards the valley, reflecting the natural landscape of Xiaohaituo.Located in the northwest of Yanqing District, Beijing, the National Bobsleigh Center is 1 kilometer away from the Olympic Village and a 5-minute drive. It is one of the new venues with the most difficult design, construction and construction techniques in the Winter Olympics.The appearance of the National Bobsled Center looks like a dragon winding on the mountain, showing the profound cultural accumulation and strong national strength.The National Bobsled Center will serve as the venue for bobsled and bobsled competitions in the Winter Olympics and will have the first bobsled track in China.The track is 1,975 meters long, with a main drop of 121 meters, about 47 stories high, and a maximum design speed of 134.4 km/h.The course consists of 16 turns, including a 360° roundabout.To ensure the accuracy and safety of the track, the construction design highlights the spirit of craftsmanship, not only using 3D modeling to determine every detail, but also innovative development of shotcrete dedicated to the track.In January 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the political enunciations that “Yanqing belongs to the future” when he inspected yanqing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.The future of Yanqing is the future of high-quality green development and the future of building the most beautiful winter Olympic City with ecological civilization and happiness.Below, follow yanqing court press a few “keys”, and Beijing Winter Olympics together to the future.With a strong sense of mission, all the policemen of Yanqing Court, with a high sense of political responsibility and mission, take the initiative to integrate the overall situation, promote development, have achievements and brave responsibilities, and take practical actions to provide high-quality judicial services for the preparation and holding of the Winter Olympic Games.Set the on trial functions into full play For the winter Olympics organising provides high quality legal service and security of the implementation opinions “, accurately grasp the service and guarantee the basic requirement of the winter games organized at work, for regions, combining site, and shoulder the important mission and glorious task, galloped to promote the implementation of the corresponding judicial safeguard work.On the basis of a comprehensive summary of previous experience in the preparation and holding of the Winter Olympic Games, the Yanqing People’s Court set up a “Farong Future” Winter Olympic Judicial service guarantee team on the 100-day countdown to the Winter Olympic Games.Adopt “2 mechanisms, 2 platforms, 2 auxiliary, 2 publicity, 1 channel, 1 position” and other services to ensure the “ten measures” of the Winter Olympics, to run out of the delay method service to ensure the “acceleration” of the Winter Olympics.Yanqing People’s Court established the first environmental and resources tribunal in Beijing in 2010, deeply practicing the “two Mountains” theory, establishing the trial mode of criminal, civil and administrative cases in one, and actively introducing the system of ecological restoration and pre-lawsuit injunction.Conclude the trial jurisdiction in accordance with the law of the first case, the people’s procuratorate of environmental pollution crime criminal incidental civil public interest litigation case series, such as a case, using judicial escort ecological polished “games, the world garden, the Great Wall” three “gold card”, build a good ecological environment for the winter Olympics organising, depth to carry out the concept of “green Olympics” powerful judicial contribution.Based on the overall pattern of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yanqing Court signed a framework agreement with Chongli District Court of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province on judicial service guarantee and other related work to strengthen daily communication, coordination, consultation and linkage.The courts of the two sides will accelerate the joint construction of platforms, information exchange, resource sharing and business coordination.In the post-Winter Olympics era, Yanqing Court will also closely focus on the construction plan of Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing sports culture tourism belt, strengthen the communication with Chongli Court, jointly strengthen the research and sorting of disputes related to ice and snow industry and ice and snow sports, and inject judicial vitality into the development of ice and snow industry in the post-Winter Olympics era.”Flying” exult heaven and earth “swallow” clever qiankun hillside covered with snow and ice passion between green water in peaceful celebrate the games under the Spring Festival of the rule of law to protect the games, together into the future tomorrow, we will follow the tongzhou court swim with Beijing universal resort stay tuned feeds: yanqing court some pictures from the “Beijing yanqing” editor: Bai Song yuan Sun yao