The party lead the police to build | hebei university, city traffic police detachment of public security to build safe, convenient travel environment

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On the morning of February 17th, Yang Lihai, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei University, Su Guowei, executive Deputy director of the Publicity Department, Zhao Yanbin, director of the postgraduate Work Department and other seven party members visited the Traffic police Branch of Baoding Public Security Bureau for investigation and held a symposium to jointly carry out the party building and construction activities.City public security Bureau deputy director, traffic police detachment party secretary, detachment leader Li Peng attended the meeting.Before the forum, Yang Lihai and his delegation visited the media center, command center and Party-mass activity center of the Traffic Police Detachment, and fully affirmed the party building, traffic management and publicity work of the traffic police detachment.During the forum, Hebei University and Baoding Public Security traffic police exchanged and discussed about the party building and co-construction activities and the difficult issues in traffic management encountered by Hebei University, and reached a number of consensus.For some time to come, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in party building and cooperation, promoting the work of “delegating power, delegating power and providing services” to public security, and ensuring the safety of students.We will intensify efforts to build and jointly build the Party.Hebei University gives full play to its talent advantages and selects experts and scholars to guide the party building work of the Traffic Police Detachment, carry out party history study and education, and improve the quality of party building work of the traffic police Detachment.The traffic police detachment provides a practice base for college students in Hebei University, and college students’ volunteers can cooperate with the traffic police to participate in front-line traffic management.We will make solid progress in the work of public security to delegate power, improve regulation and improve services.The Traffic police of Baoding Public Security has taken a series of safeguard measures and service measures. For example, the “Driving license test” function has been developed on the APP of “Baoding Traffic Police” to let the examinees know the basic information of each examination room.Constantly update test equipment, upgrade test vehicles, to meet the needs of different students, reduce the waiting time of the masses;Arrange special examinations for colleges and universities;Develop a “remote physical examination” system for drivers to realize physical examination and acceptance at one station;Organize experienced and capable examiners to carry out special courses of driver test in schools every month;Lead the establishment of “driving school service alliance” and other fine management, to solve the problem of tens of thousands of students in colleges and universities.Make every effort to ensure the safety of students.Hebei University and the traffic police detachment co-administer and establish a mechanism of co-construction of police school in an all-round way. The traffic police solve traffic safety problems by adding traffic facilities, increasing police force and carrying out traffic safety propaganda.The traffic police of public security will increase the police on duty around the campus during the time when the school holds large-scale activities and the traffic flow is concentrated, such as holidays and the beginning of the school term. They will work with the school to ease and control the traffic and ensure the smooth roads around the campus.In front of Hebei University on Wusi Road, a regular traffic violation control point was set up, and full-time police officers were arranged to carry out regular rectification to ensure traffic safety in front of the campus.The public security traffic police selected officers with strong professional ability to carry out road traffic safety lectures for teachers and students of Heda on a regular basis. At the same time, police camp Open Day and other activities were carried out to allow teachers and students to walk into the police camp and experience the daily work of baoding public security traffic police’s scientific and technological means of road traffic order management through personal experience.Symposium effectively promoted the mutual learning, communication, traffic police detachment to the communication discussion as an opportunity to learn from and complement each other, further grasp the real, the party construction work, pays special attention to the service for students, to serve the people, to promote the modern city of quality life blooming new appearance level, ran out of the public security acceleration have made outstanding contributions!