Yingkou: The frontline of epidemic prevention and control officers to perform their responsibilities

2022-05-05 0 By

Since March, in the steel community of dongxing street office, people see the most “Baymax” with gauze on his hand.He is the hand fracture is not healed to take the initiative to rush to the front line of epidemic prevention and control auxiliary police Wang Tianqi.”I want to go to the front line, whether it’s one support or several support, I’ll go.”The epidemic broke out in our city, and the task of prevention and control was urgent. Wang Tianqi, who was recuperating at home, took the initiative to ask the leaders for battle.The leader was concerned about his injury, but he was firm.So he was sent to dongxing Iron and Steel Community office to assist the community in epidemic prevention and control work.In a nucleic acid test site, an old man did not know how to apply for health code, find him for help.Wang tianqi patiently helped the old man fill in his personal information, register a health code, and repeatedly taught him how to use it so that he could use it smoothly in the future.After finishing the nucleic acid test, the old man happily came back to thank him.During the period of sinking community, under the leadership of the community secretary, Wang Tianqi devoted himself to epidemic prevention and control in the community every day from morning to night, carrying out inspections, visits, checks on checkpoints, maintaining order, eliminating risks and explaining policies. He was conscientious and responsible in every work and devoted himself to all work with the fastest efficiency.”Sister, now is the epidemic closed control period, you do not have a work permit, you should reduce travel, this is also to protect the safety of you and your family.”In the face of residents’ lack of understanding and cooperation with the closed community, he patiently advised residents in the area not to go out during the epidemic, wear masks and take good protection.After the comprehensive implementation of closed management in the residential area, the early morning home is wang Tianqi’s normal, he took the initiative to apply for the evening patrol work, careful maintenance of the entrance of the residential area each isolation network, obligation when the maintenance workers, to a police officer’s responsibility and responsibility, for the masses to build a strong security barrier.