Honor 70 Pro price announced: 12+ 512GB first 4299!Breguet 9000. How are you holding up?

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Speaking of the glory of the best-selling products, we may easily think of a thousand yuan machine, such as the Glory play series, the Glory X series, etc., these thousand yuan machine is indeed very cost-effective, are low price with high representative.But we should know that thousands of yuan machine in optimization is still unable to catch up with the flagship machine, so the use experience of the flagship machine is much better for a long time. In this case, it is better to buy the flagship machine if the budget is slightly sufficient.Glory flagship products, now the digital series is the most cost-effective, basically are the mainstream of the top configuration, but the mobile phone is two or three thousand, compared to six seven seven Magic series is really much better.Recently, honor Digital series revealed a new phone, because this series is now half a year to release a new product, now it is the first half of march, so the new phone is naturally coming.Specifically, this exposure is the Honor 70 Pro, the next generation of digital series upgrade.Honor 70 Pro price: 12+512G first 4299, processor PhEC9000, do you think it is feasible?With the Honor 70 Pro’s release date not far behind — a month and a half at most — there have been Revelations about the specs and price of the flagship.Let’s take a look at the price, the Honor 70 Pro will be matched with the highest 12+512G version, the price is 4299 yuan, which is also the standard of the flagship machine, but because it is 12+512G large storage version, so the friends are about 5,000 or even more expensive, so look down the Honor 70 Pro cost-effective or good.In terms of core processor, Honor 70 Pro is equipped with Breguet 9000. Although this processor is not re-used by Xiaomi OV, breguet 9000 has a better reputation than Snapdragon 8 Gen1 in terms of strength. In terms of specific performance, Breguet 9000 runs more than 1 million points, so there is no need to worry about performance problems.In terms of battery life and quick charging, the Honor 70 Pro should be about the same as the Honor 60 Pro, but considering that most flagships currently have fast charging up to a perfect standard, it’s possible that the Honor 70 Pro will come with 100W of charging power after a guaranteed 4800mAh battery.With a 4800mAh+100W combo, the Honor 70 Pro really looks perfect.Considering that it will take a while to buy the Honor 70 Pro, many people still don’t want to wait. In this case, I actually recommend you to choose the Honor 60 or Honor 60 Pro. These two products are the most cost-effective, with all the features that people like, but the phone is cheap.Take the Honor 60 for example, powered by snapdragon 778G processor and equipped with 100 million megapixels, the performance and shooting experience are very good. However, we can see that the starting price of the Honor 60 is reduced to 2,499 yuan, and the battery life of the Honor 60 is up to 4800mAh+66W, which is indeed the best configuration representative among 2,000 products.As for the Honor 60 Pro, the processor is upgraded to Snapdragon 778G Plus, and the image is 100 million pixels. The key is better front-facing shooting, directly equipped with 50 million front-facing super-sensing lens, you know, this is front-facing image, the general brand is only 32 million pixels, but the Honor 60 Pro is 50 million pixels.So selfies are much better.The Honor 60 Pro also has a 4800mAh battery, which is the perfect flagship.