Primary school winter vacation homework encountered problems repeatedly asked the teacher was rejected, parents: do you have ethics?

2022-05-06 0 By

Netizens broke the news that during the Spring Festival holiday, a primary school student to do the teacher’s winter vacation homework will not do, mom and dad can not help, so let the primary school students through wechat to their teachers to help.However, the primary school students will not shoot down the question to the teacher after the teacher did not see the teacher reply, spread for many times still did not get the teacher’s reply.The teacher’s behavior, which the parents said was against teachers’ ethics, has sparked heated debate online.Some netizens think that since it is the holiday period, students should not beat teachers, especially the Spring Festival holiday, the holiday time is not long, teachers have to prepare for the New Year goods, but also want to have a happy New Year;At the same time, due to the tight time during work, there is almost no time to visit relatives and friends, and the Spring Festival custom is the time to visit relatives and friends, do not go to visit relatives and relatives will not be happy.The Spring Festival holiday is a time when people are busy and teachers have less free time. It is not appropriate to ask teachers questions at this time.Some netizens think that during the Spring Festival holiday, according to the customs of the Spring Festival, to visit parents and other relatives in their hometown, male teachers should visit the elderly at the parents’ home, all should get together;Close friends also get together for drinks and small talk, and if they are interrupted right at mealtime, it can spoil the fun.Some netizens think that although the Spring Festival holiday is a holiday, it is far from being compared with the summer vacation. The Spring Festival holiday is a busy holiday, which is actually more tiring than attending classes.During the Spring Festival holiday, the normal work schedule is severely disrupted.Early rise, late saliva, noon lunch can not rest normally, body and mind all day in a tired state, busy time also seems to be more luxurious, there is no mind to pay attention to learning.Some netizens think that since the teacher is a little selfless dedication, to deserve the title of hard gardener, to live up to the world’s most glorious cause.Students have questions to ask, there is no way, the teacher is preaching knowledge to solve doubts, students encounter problems will not do not ask the teacher to ask who?No matter how busy the teacher is, won’t even have no time to answer a question?Students are refused to ask questions for many times, which severely dampens their enthusiasm for learning and is extremely irresponsible to students.Some netizens believe that teachers should not be morally kidnapped. Since it is a normal holiday, it is a teacher’s rest day, which is completely at the disposal of teachers. Teachers have the right not to answer students’ questions during their own rest time, and teachers have no obligation to serve students during holidays and rest days.The teacher is willing to answer the question to the student is dedicated, the teacher is not willing to answer the question to the student is not gossiping, also do not insist.As a teacher, my personal idea is that the Spring Festival holiday is really busy, there are many parties, since the students have questions to ask, it shows that the students have a correct attitude towards learning, enterprising, it is best not to hit the enthusiasm of students to learn, as far as possible to spare time to solve the students’ questions, do not disappoint the students to the teacher’s trust.If you are really busy, you can reply to the students, you can let the students do not mark the problem, temporarily put it aside, and so on, the teacher has free to answer, or to the school to solve, let the students know, ignore the students is not appropriate.Parents should also have more understanding of the teacher, the teacher has been nervous for half a year, could have relaxed, put the teaching things temporarily, really do not want to be disturbed by the work.Moreover, if the teacher’s students are generally few, there should be dozens of students. If the students ask questions to the teacher through wechat or phone, the teacher is really difficult to deal with. If one student asks questions, there may be two or three.The child asked the teacher for the first time, the teacher did not reply, parents should understand what happened, should not let the child then asked, should tell the child the teacher is too busy during the Spring Festival, did not see your information, first will not write down the problem, to school after the office to ask the teacher, face to face to solve the problem is better.This can let the child understand the teacher, will not discourage the enthusiasm of children learning.Many netizens think that the teacher only has a few classes a day and has two paid holidays, so his work is very relaxed.It can also be seen from this matter that the teacher’s work is not as simple as the several classes that the netizens see on the surface. Let alone the preparation for these classes, let alone the time after class, whether in the office to rest, or back home after business, whether on weekends or during holidays,Teachers may receive phone calls from the school, parents and students at any time. These are invisible jobs. It is hard for teachers and their families to realize that they are not teachers.With the development of society, with the high requirements of students’ admission and employment, the requirements of parents and society on teachers are also increasing and increasing, which also brings a lot of pressure to teachers.Some netizens have suggested that it is against teachers’ ethics to “turn off the phone when the teacher comes off work, play and disappear”, and it is against teachers’ ethics to “not answer parents’ phone or wechat in time”. Teachers also have selfish, lazy and inconvenient times. We hope parents and teachers can understand each other and make allowances for each other, so as to do the best.