The end of the year at the beginning of the drug police to enjoy peace

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Display simulated drug models, distribute publicity materials, carry out anti-drug mini-games, answer questions face to face…Recently, Yuzhong District, Jiangjin District, Tongnan District, Liangping district and other places actively carry out anti-drug publicity activities, create a strong atmosphere of anti-drug nationwide, build a solid defense line of safety, enhance the sense of security of the masses satisfaction.Yuzhong District: go through the streets of anti-drug propaganda non-stop Spring Festival is coming, in order to further enhance the area of the public awareness of drug prevention.Recently, yuzhong District narcotics control office joint streets, police stations to carry out anti-drug publicity activities, going through streets and lanes, for residents to send anti-drug knowledge, in the district at the end of the year at the beginning of the anti-drug publicity upsurge.During the activity, anti-drug volunteers distributed anti-drug publicity materials to community residents and shops along the street, explained the types and harms of drugs to the people in the past, popularized anti-drug laws and regulations, and reminded residents to recognize the harm of drugs, stick to the bottom line of legal morality, and enhance the awareness of anti-drug.The campaign more than 30 paintings hanging banners, conduct propaganda activities, more than 10 distribution of anti-drug information more than 3000, accepts the populace to asking more than 600 times, further deepen the understanding of the drug control work, everyone against drugs firm determination, enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses, to lay a solid foundation through peace and peaceful Spring Festival.Jiangjin District: what is the difference between poppy and poppies?Anti-telecom network fraud special number you know?Do you know how to safely regulate the use of natural gas?Recently, with the theme of “police and people build a safe community and everyone shares a harmonious home”, the public welfare publicity activity was held in jiangjin District Xiangrui pedestrian street square, attracting many residents to actively participate.It is understood that this activity is China radio and television company of chongqing chongqing public security bureau, chongqing fire rescue team to carry out the special action of integrated marketing in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the “safe community everyone sharing between the people and harmonious home” part of the large-scale public welfare activities, to improve the security sense, encourage active participation in the masses, build the network security defense.”Safety risks are in life, you have to pay more attention to avoid possible accidents.””I didn’t think there were so many kinds of drugs, so TODAY I have ‘gained knowledge’.”Event, the public security bureau anti-drug metro, cruise, anti cheat the police through the exhibition board, publicity materials, such as various forms, safety security to preach to the spectators, explained the drug identification combined with real cases for the masses, telecom fraud prevention, such as common knowledge, radio and television staff combined with the “wisdom” of radio, film and television to distribute the latest promotional materials,Introduced the latest relevant business situation.Recently, the anti-drug detachment of The Public Security Bureau of Tongnan organized the police and auxiliary police to carry out the anti-drug themed publicity activity of “110 propaganda — anti-drug awareness starts from me” at Liangfengya bus station.In the process of the activity, the anti-drug detachment civilian auxiliary police explained in detail the types of drugs, ways of identifying drugs, drug harm and other knowledge by means of case interpretation, demonstration of simulated drug model, distribution of publicity materials, broadcast anti-drug propaganda videos and interaction with the masses.At the same time, the scene through the distribution of small gifts to guide teenagers and the past people to participate in the anti-drug games, in the fun of teaching, so that anti-drug knowledge in mind.It fully displays the good image of Tongnan public Security as “fighting crime, maintaining public order and serving the masses”, further harmonizes the friendship between the police and the people and builds a harmonious relationship between the police and the people.This activity effectively enhanced the residents’ understanding of anti-drug knowledge, improved their ability to identify drugs, protect against drugs and resist drugs, and firmly built a line of defense against drug safety.In order to further promote the nationwide anti-drug publicity and education, recently, Liangping District anti-drug Office carried out “this winter and next spring” anti-drug publicity in Jukui Town Jiexin Square, opening the prelude of the district’s anti-drug publicity in 2022.Activities at the scene of interaction between the positive and anti-drug police and JuKui town staff hanging banners, by showing police drug model, explain in detail the name of the drug, color, shape, origin and harm of patiently answer questions from the crowd, to market the anti-drug publicity promotional materials and posters, convenient bag, cap and other small gifts.”I have never seen these drugs before, so today I have opened my eyes. I want to publicize the dangers of drugs to my family and neighbors and stay away from drugs together!””I got the anti-drug propaganda picture today. I want to hang it at home so that my grandchildren can learn anti-drug knowledge at home.”The activity received unanimous praise from the masses, creating a strong atmosphere of national resistance to drugs.