Douluo mainland: inventory seven goddesses fierce eyes kill, after watching you still dare to love them?

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It can be said that douluo’s popularity is partly due to the success of Lady Xuanji in character modeling.Especially the grasp of the female role, I believe that seen douluo know that there is no lack of a variety of beauty roles in this animation, gentle and lovely type, also have violent sexy type, and enchanting type and so on.Among these characters, goddesses with killer eyes are everywhere.But today, listen to fish to say, it is those who look very fierce eyes kill.After watching these characters’ eyes kill, can you still love them?The first, Dugu goose Dugu goose, wuxian bi scale snake, a play poison master, poison dou Luo’s granddaughter, has a proud and insolent small character, but at the same time is a pet husband crazy demon.In and shrek battle group, because see their boyfriend Yu Tianheng injured, and angry, showing the terror of the eyes to kill, said to kill opponents, so offering their own snake venom, the results were tang three with wine and realgar broken.The second, Liu ErlongLiu erlong, Jade Xiaogang’s wife, a goddess with a variant soul red fire dragon, temper hot, once launched anger, comparable to tigress.Once because the king of the earth disturbed her and jade Xiaogang’s good thing, spread a belly fire on the king of the earth, beat the king of the earth to death, the result is still not relieved.For a long time after that, there was a fierce stare that made Shrek shiver.The third, bibi East bibi East, Wudeng Dian Pope, wudeng empire’s founding queen, with the two great countries are difficult to match the power, is a strong dictator.Her eyes such as knife, acute spirit, once in the continental advanced soul division institute elite competition opening ceremony, and Tang three looked at, even tang opened the purple magic pupil, also lost than east eyes kill, only feel the soul will be stripped.The fourth, small dance small dance, Tang SAN’s wife, and dugu goose, is a pet husband crazy, can not see their lover Tang SAN suffer.When a loved one gets hurt, Dancer goes on a rampage to avenge her husband.During the single attribute four clan gathering, tang three challenges to break one of the Yang Invincible, finally lost, was Yang invincible a spear nail on the wall.Tang three blood dripping on the right arm bone, dance immediately came out, full of anger, showing the red eyes to kill, and then with the explosion kill eight section fall, the Invincible Yang beat half to death, really terrible.The fifth, qianren snow qianren snow, Pope bi East and the daughter of the former Pope Qixun disease, was sent to the imperial palace of the day to pretend to be xueqing river, later because of the tang three, infiltration plan failure, return to the temple of the Soul.When she reported this to Bibidong, he reassured her that if she failed, she failed and she could start all over again.But qianren snow was very uncomfortable, she said she was not lost to tang three, but lost to the east.Then he glared at Bibi East with a fierce look, and said that she was to blame for her haste, and that he had risked an early action.The sixth, White aloes white aloes, one of the min clan princess, tang SAN’s cousin.Because grow good-looking, so Ma Hongjun is all skin and all face to embrace close, want to pursue somebody else.Fat person’s idea, bright eye person can see clearly, white aloes is not silly again, nature sees fat person’s small idea.When the fat man calls her again “xiang Xiang”, Bai Shen Xiang glares at the fat man with vicious eyes, and scolds the fat man, and does not let him call himself Xiang Xiang.Seventh: small white small white, haishen island protect island god beast, a hundred thousand years of magic soul great white shark, one eye saw the small dance is one hundred thousand years of soul animal soft bone rabbit identity.Because found no soul dance, and her soul is in tang three body, immediately furious.White with fierce eyes staring at tang three, tang three immediately with purple extreme magic pupil and eye, however, white spirit full of aggression, let tang three also suffered.White then went on a ramp-up, to kill Tang three, later just know oneself made a big mistake.Well, today’s content is over here, do you think the eyes of the seven goddesses kill terror?After watching their eyes kill, do you still dare to love them?Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll see you next time.