Huanghua Town, Pengze County: “Drive wild cats” in the Spring Festival to pray for safety

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With the sound of gongs and drums from far to near, a group of boys aged 14 or 15, with painted faces or masks, wearing red mandarin coats and holding steel forks, go from house to house calling, “raiding homes”. This is the hundred-year-old custom of “driving wild cats” in Pengze County.On the afternoon of the seventh day of the first lunar month, xinmin, Donghong, Huangban and other villages in Huanghua Town of Pengze County carried out “driving wild cats”.Five boys aged 14 or 15 were selected by the elders of the village and dressed as “Five Hedgehogs”, representing the gods of east, south, west, north and central, in their masks or painted faces at the ancestral temple.Costumes, the children waving steel fork, mouth murmured, adult banging drums, start from door to door “property”, “into the front door and back door,” walking stick out from the house door, also went to woo firecrackers when property, such as incense paper, focus to get away from the village of specified location burned to ashes, the whole village whammy and thus had been away,Foreshadowing the New Year village peace, good weather.Through the custom of “driving wild cats”, the villagers of Huanghua Town presented the most primitive and most ceremonial festival activities for the New Year with pure local flavor and strong customs, making the New Year more flavorful and hopeful.Source: Zhang Cheng, Huanghua Town