It is forbidden to fight

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What happens when 12 big men armed to the teeth fight for a palm-sized ball on ice about the size of four basketball courts?Fall off!Bump!Touch!Hook!To pull!Trip!Can not absolutely avoid from time to time will also be staged “full martial action” “hockey arena ≈ hotbed of fighting” become most people’s first impression of hockey may also be many people of the hockey game “look forward to” but if you want to see fighting in the Winter Olympics hockey arena?Sorry, you’ll be disappointed no fighting in ice hockey!Most ice hockey game in the world is forbidden to fight only NHL, KHL’s top professional league allow players within the scope of the “hidden rules” fight main purpose is to increase competition “eyes” no matter how to design a fight “hidden rules” will bring both players injured risk similar examples once-familiar professional league also fighting in adjustment rules to reduce the incidence of encouraging Olympic hockey gameCompetitive banning fight man game allows players to clash, but not allowed to hang up, stumbled, hit woman allowed to play physical contact is not allowed to charge if in violation of the rules of light sent to temporarily leave “prison” 2 minutes or 5 minutes or direct disqualified fast ice hockey game against strong teams left once before the bomb will face opponents foul really weigh values are notThe Chinese women’s ice hockey team lost to the Czech Republic 3-1 in the opening group match of the Group stage of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 3.Chinese male ice on winter Olympics for the first time in the history of the field they usher in the first game on February 10, the opponent is the world’s fourth United States they are actively prepared “but with the group A Canada ranked first in the world Germany ranked fifth in the world of Chinese male ice race can be seen it is forbidden to fight indicates A hard race intensity weakening hockey gold medal battle has been the highlight of previous OlympicsWhether China’s men and women can surpass themselves is more worthy of expectation. Source/Xinhua News Agency © Yuanmou Rong Media Center