Jian lai: Lu yan and Chen Ping ‘an came together, the world of humanity and yan might be the key to their tao!

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Green willow sanchun dark, the world of mortals.Earlier in the town demon Lou when the sanyuyan yan words now to come true, once “tian Men” and lyu hermith arrived at the down and soul mountain, want Chen Ping ‘an for his protection, formally opened the world of mortals lian heart.And according to the latest plot of the two men such as spring breeze can see that Chen Ping an should be accepted the “deal”, Chen Ping an would be lyu yan guarding road a field, help it through the world of humanity experience, the latter probability will be in the experience after the position of “ten hao”.It has been recognised by the meng-gua, 吕嵒 should be “one of the world ten luxury” of the new era, is enough to military commander and the father of Confucianism, primary ancestor and the world’s first order of upright, accident, as long as it doesn’t happen in the future it will is one of the human head, may be the world trend in our own hands.But lyu hermith’s journey to the mountains was not plain sailing either. A conversation with zhishuyan yan earlier showed a lot that his way of “man and heaven” was probably flawed.This point can refer to the left and right of that year, the latter can obviously break through heaven and become the first peak existence of the new era to sit on the sword of heaven and repair, although it may not be able to shoulder the old generation such as li Sheng, Bai Ze and other peak monks, but over time may not be too much, at least in today’s world will stand in the peak ranks.But even so, the left and right still resolutely gave up the way of heaven and man, can completely break through the situation refused to break through, cut off the way of heaven and man, live in the perfect soaring territory.And the reason why he is so determined is to pursue a breakthrough at a higher level, that is, the desire for the peak of kendo, maybe even have a chance to win the unprecedented sword training in 15 realms, or at least can promote his kendo to the same level as Chen Qing in those days.And if the situation is likened to lyu yan, it means that his pursuit was at least yan or baize, and referring to the criterion of “ten hao”, maybe his true pursuit was shoulder to shoulder with the patriarchs of the three.Lyu yan still had the idea to step into the fifteen borders even though it had been proved that hetao yan was not of popularization significance. It showed that lyu yan had already thought of his way to the fifteen borders and that it was definitely different from hetao yan.It was obvious that it was not easy to do this. The fact that there were five places on earth and no one could do it for thousands of years was a good proof. So it was reasonable that Lyu yan needed to go through more hardships, and the so-called “red dust cultivators heart” came into being.This time came to the abjection mountain is so, he is to want Chen Ping an for its protection, to spend this time the world lian heart, and lyu yan tao for many years, he could not carry on a meaningless world experience.So this practice will inevitably and his future avenue breakthrough strong relations, even if not directly decided the possibility of the breakthrough, but certainly and the path of his future and even more distant road to the future, and this is the really important factors for the former, after all is heaven for him already.And in this matter lyu hermith devoting his mind to nature beyond blame, after all, it is related to the road future, how hard it is too much, but in the whole process there is a person’s chaos into but some beyond imagination, that is the holy mentor in the town of the devil Lou when the intervention.Earlier, in Zhenwenlou, zhishen yan directly interfered with lyu yan’s experience in the world, implicitly indicating that Chen Ping ‘an was competent for the task. Lyu yan, though he did not accept it directly at that time, had already shown his attitude through practical actions in the latest plot.And since the sage teacher strongly recommended Chen Ping an, this matter obviously should have extraordinary significance to the latter, otherwise with the sage teacher status and realm, how could he be involved in a successful rise in the monastic career of monks?And if this thing comes true, Chen Ping an is bound to harvest a lot in the world of mortals experience, and do not rule out in the heart of the world of mortals Chen Ping an will complete their own road leap, even the world of mortals experience is likely to be the key to Chen Ping an into the road.While the 吕嵒 and Chen Pingan in comedown mountain rendezvous is actually a kind of signal, the two in the future will almost certainly among the contemporary “the world ten hao” top really into the machine of the tao is probably in the world of mortals, this time also or red devil heart, after all state and strength to 吕嵒 at this level, in addition to the test on the mind,I can’t think of anything that could possibly increase him.And this also applies to Chen Ping an, after all, the shujian Lake bureau of the same year, the importance of the heart is better than everything, the rest can be made up by other ways, and through this test Chen Ping an is bound to harvest, let’s wait and see!P.S. 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