Jiujiang Lushan Airport will open a new route by the end of this month

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Spring Airlines’ promotion of new routes to Jiujiang in summer and autumn 2022 was held in Zhuhai recently.Tourists from Chengdu and Shanghai will be able to travel to Jiujiang more conveniently and quickly when jiujiang Lushan Airport opens a new route on March 29.Journalists learned from the promotion meeting that Spring Airlines will launch the “Shanghai-Jiujiang-Chengdu” flight from March 29 and the “Chengdu-Jiujiang-Shanghai” flight from Airbus A320 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with three flights a week.Since then, passengers can travel to and from “Jiujiang-Chengdu” and “Jiujiang-Shanghai” without transferring direct flights.Famous for the mountains, and famous for the water.Since jiujiang Lushan Airport resumed service on October 31 last year, it has clearly positioned itself as an airport with tourism characteristics.At the same time, Jiujiang Lushan Airport takes the “green”, “red” and “ancient” colors of Jiujiang as the base color for the development of civil aviation. Based on Jiujiang, it tries to locate itself and keep the bottom line based on the industry. It strives to build “cultural confidence” as the guide, closely centering on the construction of humanistic airport and creating distinct tourism characteristics.This year, Jiujiang Lushan Airport successfully completed its first Spring Festival travel guarantee task.”The opening of the new airline will not only help the development of tourism in Jiujiang, but also greatly facilitate the business and cultural exchanges between Jiujiang and Shanghai and Chengdu.”The tourism industry personnel who attended the promotion meeting said.According to introducing, fall after the flight change garments according to the March 27, jiujiang lushan airport tongda will reach six city, in addition to the security now shenzhen, xian, Beijing, Shanghai, haikou, chengdu flight routes, which will guarantee the air mastery degree of jiujiang, jiujiang for implement three-dimensional, multimodal transport in the modern construction of comprehensive transport hubs with powerful network support,Jiujiang’s tourism economy, open cooperation, trade and transportation will usher in new development opportunities.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com