Siyang County customs committee: pressure “gift package” warm feeling left behind heart

2022-05-07 0 By

On January 24th, siyang County Committee of Customs affairs held a symposium on caring and sending children in distress, and sending warmth in the Spring Festival, giving full love and care to children in distress, so that the children could feel the deep love and care of the big family in the cold winter.On the forum, county commissioner Chen Fusheng said to the children, to learn to rise in the face of adversity, put their main focus on learning, change fate, change living conditions, do a good student, repay the society.We call on the children to study hard, feel the grace of the Party, listen to the Party, follow the Party, and thrive in the sun of the Party.We should cherish the good time, set up lofty ideals, study hard, build up a strong body, broaden our vision, enrich our knowledge, develop strong skills from childhood, and repay society and serve the motherland with real talent and learning when we grow up.To be filial to the elderly, love relatives, respect teachers, unite with classmates, learn and inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.At the activity site, the children not only received festival blessings but also received love materials and condolence money.It is understood that today the 21 troubled children from the township streets, poor family, excellent grades.Wang Yifei of Linhe told reporters that after his parents died, he lived with his grandmother.Although their birth and status quo cannot be changed, but the future can rely on their own efforts to make grandma’s life better.Wang Yifei: the state and the party for our help, we do not know how to thank.We are students now, only good study, with excellent results to repay the society.Dripping of grace, when yongquan phase reported.We should try our best to study, to repay the country, repay the society.In the past year, people from all walks of life have given their attention and support to children in difficulties, giving them courage and strength to move forward.In the future, the county customs commission will also gather many small forces into a huge energy, so that more children in distress positive and happy growth.Wang Jingjing: Today I am very grateful that there are so many people in the society can help us, let us get lucky money in advance.When I grow up, I want to be like them and make contributions to the society.(Reporter from Siyang Rong Media Center/Editor by Liang Ting/Yang Yan Su Yan Quan)