Yi Yangqianxi “Shenzhen Stupid Kid” flooded the screen!A generation of “money” memories, old mother see cry

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I don’t know when shopping and going to the movies became the reserved programs of the New Year.As a shenzhen old mother, this year’s choice is the movie Miracle Stupid Kids, starring Jackson Yi and set in the city of Shenzhen.The person who picked up the ticket and bought coke for me at the cinema was a boy who had been friends for 30 years. The street where we went to school was Huaqiangbei, a precious place that witnessed the rise and fall of the electronic communication industry.Hwaqiangbei is also the place where the hero of the movie, played by Yi Yangqixi, begins his dream of making money. The hero, Kyung Ho, has to drop out of college due to the death of his mother and ends up in a village in the city fixing mobile phones to make money and raise his sister.To raise money for the high cost of the operation of younger sister, have to borrow usury to take over a batch of defective mobile phone, in vain through good technology renovation resale, make a fortune.But because the refurbishment machine was banned, and had to dismantle the spare parts to the original factory profit.Plot laugh in tears, the tone of lofty sentiments, is simply chrysanthemum plant when the family entrepreneurial process of the miniature version.Shenzhen people can find the shadow of themselves or their friends and relatives in the movie.For us the “second generation”, through the whole process of the rise of shenzhen and feel stupid kid in miracles plot or persuasive, on the streets of shenzhen, hurrying pedestrians, there are many like Jackson plays the role of the young man, wearing a cheap T-shirt, dark face, eyes have the flame in the flashing.The boys lie prone on the counter of Huaqiangbei, day after day patiently sticking film on mobile phones, assembling computers and repairing mobile phones;Hauling goods in handcarts through crowded streets;Riding an electric car, going through the streets to deliver express delivery, takeout delivery…In Shenzhen, there is no shortage of young people who spare no effort.In Shenzhen, the words “Don’t ask the hero where he came from” and “Don’t bully poor young people” never go out of fashion.I have lived in Shenzhen for more than 30 years, and the miraculous entrepreneurial story happens almost every day…Once lying under the chassis of the car, get a greasy car repair boy, is now the boss of the auto parts trading company, worth hundreds of millions;Farmers who came to Shenzhen from their impoverished hometown to grow vegetables and sell vegetables became rich landlords because they bought land at a low price to build houses.One sales director of a famous listed company told me that she came from a destitute village in the south and did not wear shoes even in frosty winters.A friend who lives in one of Shenzhen’s top villas said he spent his first day sleeping in concrete pipes stacked beside the construction site and couldn’t afford to stay at a 10 yuan hotel in Bagua Ridge.One mother, who is basically financially free, said that the first bucket of gold came from an order of components. When she first came to Shenzhen, she was in her early 20s and took a minibus alone for more than an hour to sell goods in suburban factories.We have heard many stories about the “deep second generation” of our age. Those of us who live a comfortable and mediocre life in the “deep second generation” often feel that we are deep in the cave of Ali Baba without realizing it. We are simply entering the treasure mountain and returning home empty-handed.Come out from the cinema, hear beside a few dress up fashionable and delicate, makeup look arm arrives eyelash, some on temperament “love brain” beautiful girl is in exclamation: cannot spend too much time to fall in love later, want to grasp time study, grasp time to work to make money which!The feeling of watching the movie is “burning”, just like the role played by Yi Yangqianxi, when the strong people in life, have been hit by the cruel reality for many times, they are hard to persevere, always believe that hope in tomorrow, the hard-working young man will always have his day.The old mother was shocked to see the trembling, the two siblings really took out the life of the “bottom”.Irresponsible father “abandoned wife abandoned son”, loving mother died of heart disease, sister inherited congenital heart disease, need to raise a huge sum of money operation, brother just adult to give up school, in the city village repair mobile phone to make a living.The younger sister that taking care of young daily, elder brother has no time to hesitate fear, only one cavity gu yong, go borrowing usury to make capital, have not received the deposit of cooperative party, recruit a worker to start a business hastily.Plot belongs to the typical shenzhen grassroots entrepreneurs, success always rely on a pair of hands, but failure can only blame the fate of the joke.Shenzhen never believe in tears, but old mothers believe in their arms, must strive to hold up a piece of blue sky for their children.Young homeless, poor and sick, really too bitter.It’s the script moms dread the most.My friend Sunny told me that before she came of age, her parents never took a trip together, and even when they were allowed to bring their family members for free, they would politely decline.It’s very alarmist and makes a lot of people laugh.Sunny’s parents are afraid to die on the journey together, leaving their teenage orphan daughter behind and forcing the child to embark on a bumpy life.The most tragic imagination, is that the parents both died in the air crash, there is no possibility of survival, leaving the daughter alone to face the treacherous world.The theme song of the Hong Kong movie “Outside the Law” could hardly be heard in my ears: dear child, Did you cry today?Whether the friends have left, leaving the loneliness……Living a safe and healthy life to protect your children is really the most solid foundation for a successful life.Sunny’s father since the childhood is the “king” of tension is walking a parenting safety manual, reiterated traffic safety at an early age, “it doesn’t matter even if late, don’t through a red light”, “don’t wear a raincoat rain to ride a bicycle, would rather get wet can’t be raincoat keep out the line of sight”, “sit down when you eat, can’t walk, don’t laugh,To keep food out of your windpipe.”…Under the careful care of parents, Sunny is always “safety first”, regardless of life, work, or feelings, are for safe, for years static good.But yi Yangqianxi in the movie “Miracle Stupid Kids”, but in the pressure of life, danger.In a desperate attempt to chase a thief, he scrambles onto a lorry and ends up badly injured.The policeman in charge of dealing with the case said: “For the old mobile phone, almost took a life, as for?”Jing Ho, played by Jackson Yi, answers in a deep voice, “Yes.”In order to catch up with his partner’s high-speed train, Jing sped down a crowded narrow lane on his scooter, nearly injuring other passers-by.In order to maintain factory worker, one foot fly chuai rascal, be carried slip into police station to write guarantee.Broken finger, still risk when “spider man”, hanging from a tall building cleaning glass curtain wall, earn factory rent.”House leakage side meet night” part of the drama fully, watching the play of the people “standing talking waist pain”, but still want to repeat that old advertising words “legend cat is nine lives, but your life only once”, no matter how cautious, no matter how step by step is too much.He knows the plot is fiction, but if the hero goes wrong at any point, the magic disappears, and what might have been a Fortune cover story morphs into a much sadder society story.In the movie, what scares mothers the most are young children who lose their parents’ care and teenagers who go out into the world regardless of their safety.But it was the qualities of the two siblings that the old mother looked forward to most.In the movie, the reason that makes the old mother cry most is the protagonist’s perseverance and tenacity, and in the extreme hardship, he still gently and optimistically guarded his younger sister.The actor’s lines are not many, there is no complaints about the fate of the ill-fated, but said every word, all resounded sound.Under the appearance of silence and determination, can feel the primordial power in the body, in the sleepy clenched teeth.The mother of the hero Kyung Ho gave her first advice before she passed away: “Take care of your sister,” and her second was “Take care of yourself.”The mother, who had a heart condition, failed to raise her two children and failed to buy insurance for herself and her children.(There are no advertisements for life insurance. Please pay attention.)The mother died, even to the eldest son left a very heavy burden – genetic congenital heart disease younger sister, hungry for food is enough to make people headache, let alone to find a way to raise money for heart surgery.But it is safe to say that this mother gave her children the best education possible, teaching them to be optimistic, ambitious, strong and, most importantly, to love others and to love themselves.They live in a small rented house in a village in the middle of the city. The elder brother, who is 20 years old, is responsible for making money for the family, driving his younger sister to and from school, cooking, washing and tying hair.When Yi yangqianxi deftly cooked moo shu pork for his sister, fa Xiao, who was watching the movie with me, whispered in my ear, “It seems better than most dads!”We go shopping for dinner. What do your kids eat at home?Well, it’s impossible to be hungry, but there’s definitely no hot, freshly stir-fried love moo Shu pork.The “education of love” in childhood is so important that emotions have a place in the face of cold reality.Is there a detail in the film is very moving people, six-year-old sister followed brother in the villages, lived a poor but full of warmth of life, have witnessed brother was hurt by electric car accident, witnessed the elder brother come to school by myself, is a message in the typhoon know brother to raise operation and put all your eggs in one basket, ignorant sister dreamed of his mother, the mother said: in my dream”You are old enough now to take care of your brother.”Jackson Yi’s elder brother hugs his sister, who is telling her dreams, their hearts beating strongly.The “education of love” is carried on through words and deeds.The mother of the two siblings could not have lived longer or left more money, but she did leave a great legacy of love.Brother and sister do not forget to entertain themselves in hardship, do not forget to struggle.A rich living environment, a healthy body and a safe and smooth road to study are undoubtedly the most generous gifts from God for children. Almost no one’s life script is always sunny and rainy, always safe and secure. What supports children to walk through the thorns of life are often the most authentic and precious inner qualities.When I used to watch movies, I used to obsess over the star “Brother is so handsome”. Now, when I watch movies, I will smile like an old mother: “This child is really good in the role!”Even watching the movie can not help but reveal “mother flavor”, from the plot of the play, talking about the education of the old mother, it is lack of taste of literary works appreciation, more can not boast “senior beautiful girl”, had to step by step to become “beautiful girl’s mother”.