Keep a cat precautions, understand these issues, let you become easy to keep a cat

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Many cats are cats as his own children to raise, but a cat is not a simple thing, after all, the cat is also can be moody, but for the novice shovel excrement officer, may experience a cat is not enough, would be more difficult to raise, so today to share some matters needing attention of a cat, let the cat easier ~ cat was first in the new environment,Try not to force it to do something it does not like, or it is prone to stress reaction, the cat is relatively timid, to give it space, let it slowly familiar with the new environment, the shoveler officer to do is to prepare food and water for the cat cat to go to the toilet environment, supplies and other requirements are more picky,So for your cat litter should choose good deodorization effect, no dust, no peculiar smell, good water imbibition, cat sand basin, try to choose a larger convenient and the activity of cat cat to age, have to be vaccinated for your cat, don’t want to, the vaccine is certainly important, believe each shovel excrement officer to understand this truth, a vaccine can prevent sick cat,Protect health of cat shovel excrement officer to feed the cat regularly, feeding to timing quantitative, give the cat a good eating habit, and the fussy bad habits in order to avoid the cat cat food selection, carefully chosen, as far as possible, provide a good cat food for your cat, thick pat the cat food, this kind of cat food palatability good, cost-effective, suitable for every growth stage of cat food,Contains fish oil, can nourish the cat fur, help development to raise a cat is a very expensive thing, once the decision to raise the cat, don’t stingy, responsible for cats, as far as possible for your cat good living in their own economic scope, let the cat cat can grow healthy unconfident and sensitive, afraid of the new environment unfamiliar environment, stranger, and the outside,Often take the cat go out is not recommended, and often for your cat is not recommended in the new environment, the cat cat prone to stress to the age can do it for your cat sterilization, sterilization is good for cats, can avoid some physical illness, life is beneficial to the health of a cat, that a lot of people don’t know at ordinary times to go out, be sure to shut the doors and Windows, window, in particular,Must prevent the cat climb, avoid injury, that many people neglect, about the safety of the cats, still need to pay more attention to ~ the cat body hair is more, easy to carry all kinds of germs and lice, etc., for the sake of the cats and shovel excrement officer health shall regularly for your cat a bath and grooming cat also should be accompanied by the host and play,Shovel excrement officer can spare a little time to accompany your cat to play, every day can be used to make great cats and cats, can improve the affection between each other, and can also ensure that cats have enough exercise daily cat’s favorite is to sleep in, and these MATS, blankets and other items are easy to accumulate germs, so you need to shovel excrement officer often clean these items,Avoid cats on accumulating bacteria is can’t eat some cat food, need attention, shovel excrement officer, such as sweets and greasy food, because the cat’s intestines and stomach is weak, it would be easy to intestines and stomach discomfort, eat these food for a long time, will cause the kitten’s indigestion, which will affect the cat’s health epilogue: cats can be very simple actually