Knight 3.0?Cavs DJ posted a poster of Lebron James returning to Cleveland, and LBJ responded: “Anything is possible.

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One of the best cavaliers players of all time is lebron James.In the Cavs 1.0 era, James led the Cavaliers to become a powerhouse in the league, although he didn’t help the team win a championship, but his performance was still impeccable.James led Cleveland to its only championship in the cavaliers 2.0 era, though he left the Cavaliers in the summer of ’18.But until now, there was a lot of connection between him and the Cavaliers.DJ Floss posted a poster of this year’s Cleveland All-Star on social media, featuring Akron kid James in the C-spot.I think you’ll find a way to get back to the wall. I know what’s going to happen.Leblanc also responded to Floss ‘Aite, saying: Anything is possible.With James’ comments, many fans wondered if he would make another decision to join the Cavs, ushering in the Cavs 3.0 era.The cavs and lakers have been on opposite sides of the fence this season, with the Big Three holding the Lakers in ninth place in the Western Conference and not even a secure playoff spot.On the contrary, the Cavaliers, who were not considered promising before, completed a transformation this season, setting off a young storm.Led by Garland, Allen and others, the team went 35-22, third in the Eastern Conference.The Cavaliers certainly have a brighter future than the lackluster Lakers.If James wants to continue his quest for a championship before he retires, a return to Cleveland might be a good option.