Korea 11 men group explosion diagnosis again!Suspected bedmate contagion, confirmed by the agency

2022-05-08 0 By

South Korea’s epidemic is warming up, THE entertainment industry has reported a number of confirmed cases, including 23 just attended THE “Seoul Ballad Appreciation” 11 boy group “THE BOYZ”, following member Eric diagnosed, now announced that Young Hoon contracted THE disease, they happen to be roommates, should be cross-infection,Singers hyun a, Kang Daniil, NCT127, NCT DREAM, Red Velvet Wendy, and ENHYPEN, who participated in the Seoul Song Appreciation ceremony with them, are all smiling and waiting.All 11 members of THE South Korean band THE BOYZ attended THE “Seoul Ballad Awards” on Wednesday. Although all THE singers were required to wear masks on THE red carpet, there was a high risk of infection due to THE fact that they had taken off masks during THE awards and when they received THE awards.Two days after THE award ceremony, it was confirmed that Eric, a member of THE BOYZ, had been diagnosed, and two days after that, it was confirmed on his official Twitter account that Young-hoon tested positive for PCR and is currently undergoing additional testing and quarantine.It is understood that Young Hoon and Eric happen to be roommates, and fans flooded the comments section to pray for their idols and wish them a speedy recovery.In addition, new boy band WEi also tested positive for the virus, and female singer Hyorin has canceled all her trips and will be quarantined in accordance with quarantine authorities.