March 17, Dilieba Ren Jia Lun opened Oriental romantic fairy tales

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Hu Guangxin by Dili Reba and Ren Jialun led the drama “met with you at the beginning” formally set a file on March 17 in youku love theater exclusive broadcast.The “contrast bud” CP set circle of countless fans, in the spring, “met you at the beginning” will be presented to the audience a magnificent romantic Oriental fantasy love fairy tale.In the main poster, Dilieba and Ren stare into each other’s eyes as they embrace and smile.The fox tail, a symbol of Ji Yunhe’s multiple identities, makes public behind him, enthusiastic and strong;The water blue scale that represents the identity of person of long meaning shark and shark tail photograph line, romantic fantastic.”With the gentleman at the beginning of acquaintance” those who tell about is ji Yunhe of imperial spirit division (Di Li reba is acted the role of) with long meaning of chiera person (Ren Jialun is acted the role of) break through manacle, all previous experience all sorts of difficulties and dangers become married eventually, guard the story of common people hand in hand.Ji Yunhe of division of strongest royal spirit in 10 thousand flower valley, met extremely beautiful and pure man-type teenager long meaning, two people from initial “cheat” get acquainted with, yun He in getting along process is moved by the goodness and pure of long meaning gradually, mutual unripe sincere feeling, became the lover that hand in hand shoulder by shoulder.But the obstruction that comes from many forces lets two human way frustrate, yun he is willing to sacrifice oneself also should protect long meaning comprehensive…How will their high-burning romance unfold?What happens to the characters who break free?Under the beautiful fantasy world view, this Oriental romantic fairy tale is worth the audience’s expectation.Source | yangcheng evening news · guangzhou send pictures | still coordinating editor | Shao Ziheng