The legend of “year” is in order to except “xi”!

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Legend has it in for a long, long time ago, there was a monster called “evening”, every year will come, “evening” always comes out to all want to eat people, even the “nine days east hutch to play good too b yuan emperor must blessing Buddha”, and “evening” can’t, who is a long name, the word this is sealed the jade emperor, is ordinary families to “god”!Evening beast you don’t think the people to worship the god because of the nature worship of ancient people in fire, and since the birth of the kitchen god, but with the ovens have no relationship between ‬ ‬, he was sent to his jade emperor ‬ ‬ no ‬ ‬ households ‬ supervisor ‬, is a long, main responsibility is ‬ ‬ responsible for overseeing every household ‬ everyone ‬ ‬ merits of good and evil,And ‬ ‬ everyone ‬ ‬ ‬ between good and evil attack ‬ regularly submitted to heaven, and the kitchen god ‬ get people admire ‬ ‬ worship ‬ and ‬ consecrate ‬!God of the kitchen this called “xi” monster to the end of the year out of trouble, the scourge of the people, so god sent down the supervisor, the head of our family kitchen God return to heaven, heaven sent to a called “nian” god beast.The beast, called Nian, is powerful and powerful. It wields red silk and puts bamboo poles in the fire, making them crackle and burn, scaring away the Evening beast.Finally wiped out the evening beast!This day happens to be the twelfth lunar month, not the last day of the twelfth lunar month. People call the twelfth lunar month, the last day of the twelfth lunar month, “New Year’s Eve” and the first day of the New Year “Guo Nian” in order to express their gratitude and commemorate the year beast and get rid of the Xi Beast on this day.After the evening beast was eliminated, the people hope that every household has the red silk and crackling bamboo in the hands of the beast, so the red silk and the crackling bamboo in the fire, slowly, gradually evolved into every family when the New Year’s Day are some red couplets and firecrackers.Have the effect of deterring and warding off evil spirits!Nien, of course, these are just a legend, but from these coherent, rule-based legend, can be reflected from the side, in the ancient farming society, the people, fear of nature, highly abstraction of fear, but tell us again, in the face of fear, not powerless, pray god forever “encouraging people to” myths and legends can agree, let the people to live and work in peace and contentment.