The results of this province may be delayed announcement!

2022-05-08 0 By

The results of the national postgraduate entrance examination will be released on February 21.The article that can view us in detail before 22 take an examination of grind first test check cent time updates again!We noticed that some examinees left a message on xi ‘an Jiaotong University’s graduate enrollment information website to ask about the announcement date of this year’s results. The answer given there is expected to be early March.According to experience in previous years, shaanxi each big recruit students unit points time is basically consistent, very high probability means this year in early March just out of the results.This time is a few days later than other areas. Students should be patient and calm in these days.Because of the beginning of the end of the year to the period of the outbreak, for one’s deceased father grind first try achievement report may delay message we have heard, today announced release time, probably means that our second interview is likely to shorten test time, so students must start to prepare the second interview as soon as possible, wait until released first try achievement may be too late