Countdown to the start of school, do you have your new start outfit ready?Here’s a laptop that beckons

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Work to good things will first sharpen its device, who do not want to write PPT, with PS when the program crashed, in order to meet the new semester of a variety of learning tasks, school equipment at hand should upgrade!Asus Intrepid Pro14 is a performance screen grab, learning and entertainment can be obtained!In fact, the notebook of college students, nothing more than watching TV, paper homework, games open black several purposes, so in the notebook computer purchase needs to have a good screen, two to the performance of good.Asus Intrepid Pro14 has a high-quality OLED screen experience, equipped with the new generation of E4 light emitting materials, supporting 2.8K resolution and 90Hz high refresh rate, high screen brush not only brings more smooth and smooth gaming experience, but also can ensure the clarity and detail when browsing daily text and pictures.In addition, this Asus good screen also has the advantages of 100%DCI-P3 wide color gambit and 10bit color depth, making the color presentation more delicate and accurate.In addition, the Asus Intrepid Pro14 is also certified by DisplayHDR 600 True Black, so it can be stunning in the deep night sky and dazzling sunlight, saying no to the grey world.Professional Pantone Color certification, color display, clarity and other quality is outstanding;Reduce 70% harmful short-wave blue light, achieve hardware-level blue light protection, the picture will not be yellow, eye protection and color is still accurate and vivid.As the “digital nomad” in the digital age, modern people have higher and higher requirements for the performance of notebook, especially in the face of daily creation, learning, social, entertainment and other multi-task scenes, only powerful performance can obtain comfortable experience.Intrepid Pro14 Core edition is equipped with the 11th generation of Intel Core high-performance processor, equipped with double fans and double heat pipes for ice front cooling, which can stably achieve strong performance release up to 45W. Equipped with a variety of daily required interfaces, it can also carry out PD quick charging, and has a strong battery life, which can be satisfied whether it is daily office or e-sports games.Asus Intrepid Pro14 Raydragon edition can choose R5-5600H and R7-5800H standard pressure processor, also with double heat pipe and double fan ice front cooling system, can achieve 50W performance release in high-energy mode, competent for multi-task processing, 3D rendering, large amount of data calculation and other high-performance work tasks.It is the best choice for users with high computing performance requirements.Asustek Intrepid Pro14 machine can accommodate high performance at the same time, the design is light enough, about 1.4kg, 17.9mm thin, no matter it is daily class, or go to the library, easy to carry.Intrepid Pro14 Sharp Dragon version details full of sincerity, performance adjustment courage, efficient operation of the heat dissipation system, every link shows great sincerity, can be said to be the most conscience of the OLED pen.