January 2022 Compact Car Complaint Index ranking: Multiple car complaints declined

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Autogate has released its latest complaint index for January 2022.In the past January, the overall complaint index of compact cars reached 1413.7, 43.1% lower than the previous month, and most of the TOP10 complaints were on a downward trend.Kaiyue, which ranked ninth in the complaint index, rose to the top with a monthly index of 128.21.Xingrui complaint index continued the trend in December 2021, sitting firmly in the first place, with a significant drop in the previous month.Typical problem: av system failure complaint review: The complaint index of Star Rui this month is as high as 127.95, down 76.78% from the previous month, but the high complaint index is still ranked first in the compact car complaint index.The most complained problems of Singrui focus on the failure of the audio and video system, mainly appearing in the 2021 2.0TD Luxury model and 2021 2.0T Premium model.Compared to the December 2021 complaint index of 511.1, it can be seen that the vehicle problems are gradually being resolved.Comments: In December, the complaint index was 173.1. This month, the complaint index was 92.5, although the monthly decrease of 46.56%, but still ranked second in the ranking.The most complained about problem is the cliche gearbox abnormal sound and frustration.This kind of problem basically appears in the 2021 185TCVT luxury version, among which there are a few reflected in the 2017 185TCVT elite version of the COUNTRY V model.In addition, the problem of leiling’s steering wheel is not correct has also been a lot of complaints, and the problem in addition to the 4S shop for fine tuning, the manufacturer did not provide targeted solutions.Third place: Corolla Complaint Index 60.6 Typical problem: Gearbox failure abnormal sound Complaint Comments: Corolla and Lei Ling as “North and South Toyota” sister car, gearbox problems are the same.In January 2022, Corolla dropped 50.37% month-on-month, but still ranked third behind Lei Ling.The complaint index of gearbox’s abnormal sound was 26.2, accounting for 43.23% of the total complaint index.The common problem of gearboxes stumbling and abnormal sound has not been eradicated.Comments on complaints: Lavida’s complaint index was 42.5 in December 2021, and rose to 44.4 in January 2022, with a month-on-month increase of 22.35%.The centralized complaint points to the central control screen and manufacturer propaganda.Many car owners reported that the central control screen of the car is not the original host, but the car is using Android system. The car cannot be connected to CarPlay function and there is no officially advertised MOS system.Manufacturers are unmoved by the feedback of owners, which makes many owners lose trust in VW cars.Complaint Review: The COMPLAINT index for This month is 44.4, down 49.57% from December 2021.Still ranked fifth in the complaints index this month.The leading complaint is still steering lag.This type of problem was reported mainly in December 2021, and again this month, indicating that the manufacturer did not provide a reasonable solution.Comments: The complaint index of Yinglang was 24.2 last month, but rose to 37 this month, with a month-on-month increase of 52.89%, ranking the second in the rise range.The typical problem is engine jitters. According to complaints and feedback, the root cause of engine jitters is the replacement of the new Engelang with a new small-displacement three-cylinder engine.To solve the above problems, the cushioning and vibration filtering foot is the easiest solution to replace the supporting engine.No. 7: Sign 408 Complaint Index 36.1 Typical problem: Engine burning oil/trouble light Complaint Review: Sign 408’s complaint index in December 2021 was 107.1, down 66.29% from the previous month.Overall ranking index to seventh.The complaint index jumped because of a burning engine oil problem, mainly in the 2014 1.8-L automatic luxury model.According to the complaint data shows that excessive carbon accumulation leads to the situation of stuck burning oil.For this problem, appropriate addition of fuel cleaner and use of piston release agent to clean up the carbon accumulation can make the vehicle burning oil problem can be alleviated.Emgrand Complaint Index 32.2 Typical problems: Gearbox electromechanical unit failure Complaint Comments: Emgrand complaint Index 32.2 this month, compared with 90.15 in December 2021 decreased by 64.28%.The most complained problem of Emgrand is the failure of the gearbox mechanical and electrical unit. The gearbox mechanical and electrical unit uses the solenoid valve to control the work of the automatic gearbox. The mechanical and electrical unit is connected to the sensor and then converted into an electrical signal to drive the electronic control valve.Gearbox electromechanical unit failure is a problem that can happen for any model, and in terms of emgrand’s sales, the complaint index of 32.2 this month reflects that Emgrand is relatively reliable.Complaint Comments: Kaiyue’s complaint index this month is 31.95, with a month-on-month increase of 128.21% compared with last month’s complaint index, ranking first in this month’s complaint index.The most complained about problem is cracked dashboard.This problem is mainly reflected in the 2011 1.6 automatic LE model.Many car owners have serious doubts about the quality of the car.Typical problems: rust of the car body, abnormal sound of the gearbox complaint comments: the complaint index of arezer 5 is the lowest of the TOP10 complaints this month, down 27.14% month-on-month.The main complaint of Arezer 5 is rust, which not only involves the external body, but also the instrument panel bracket, seat bracket, steering column and other parts of the car.From the point of complaint feedback, although the failure problems are mostly concentrated in the 2016 models, the complaints related to the 2017 and 2018 models also account for half of the total. The cause of this problem can be basically locked as the steel plate with poor material and low cost.