Making history and being a sinner!Missed key free throws and Klay had 16 points in the quarter to deny the lakers a comeback

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Beijing time on February 13, the NBA regular season continued, the warriors at home against the lakers, before it, the lakers’ record of 26-30 negative, ranked ninth in the west and especially in the last ten games, the lakers’ record is poor, just won three games, trade deadline is over, the lakers didn’t make any deal,With the same cast in place, the outlook is grim.In contrast, warriors here, record of 41-15 negative, ranked second in the west, although the absence of competition, the green warriors encountered a depressed state, but in the last ten games, the warriors made 8 about 2, the second ranking or warriors are secure, now ASHLEY cole is more in order to make adjustments in the playoffs, so two teams race began.Before the game, James’s career total score 44131 points, only 18 points from history the first kareem abdul-jabbar, the game began, James shows strong offensive, the warriors side library and library and take turns to attack, show a good offensive firepower of warriors, James side also increased their shots,By scoring eight points in a single quarter, it was clear that the two teams were far apart, with the Warriors scoring many points and the Lakers relying solely on Lebron James, and the lakers trailing the Warriors 26-32 in the first quarter.The second quarter, James continues his feel hot, single section 10 game 5, 4, and the successful break kareem abdul-jabbar keep scoring record, but the warriors here under the guidance of library and library and never let the lakers to come back to the gap, and so the end of the half-court game, the lakers’ 62-65 behind the warriors.In the second half, the lakers continue to extend their hot handle, outside the three-point line, as James feel down, he put the focus on the series team above, under the series of James, and little, little tucker, monk have hit 3-pointers, helped the lakers set the score, in this quarter, wiggins and clay and stand out,There was always a response, and after three quarters, the Warriors led the Lakers, 95-94, by one point.Late game, both teams is the fairy to fight, James shot down 10 shots just hit 1 ball, but he turned out in a timely manner, also is 10 shots, but he had 16 points, single section clearly, James waste a lot of shots, especially in the final 2.4 seconds, as James free throws after the first time,The Lakers had missed a chance to tie the game, and the Warriors ended their losing streak with a 117-115 victory.The whole game down, is a kind of feeling, James was so tired that is almost a man carrying a team forward, but the lakers today outside opened the handle in time, the whole game, the lakers’ 3-point percentage is as high as 41%, and the warriors side handle is more general, only 32% on threes.The only good news is that the Warriors have so many players who can play that someone always steps up in the clutch, from Kminga to Wiggins to klay.On the Lakers’ side, it’s hard to save a game when James isn’t shooting.For the lakers, the fundamental problem still not solved, actually inside a person can only rely on heavy eyebrows, the consumption of the heavy eyebrows is very big still, as we all know, the warriors of the paint is not their strengths, and the lakers in the game or rob rival, however, for the lakers, they have lost the chance of a reinforcement,They can only fit in with a limited squad, but today’s game showed us their potential.Well, today’s topic is here, the above views are xiaofeng’s personal views, please forgive me for the deficiency.