Master cheater does not steal do not rob gold store, 4 times cheat 650,000 jewelry, too stupid clerk

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As soon as the man walked into the store, his eyes began to wander. After chatting with the salesman, he pretended to walk to the door and began to steal the day!Will be prepared in advance of the false receipt, handed to the attendant, and the attendant did not read, directly 500 grams of gold hands!By the time they realized the situation was wrong, the man had disappeared, and this happened four times at the same time, with a total loss of 650,000 yuan!I mean, surveillance’s got a lock on our target, but he’s already out of town, so there’s no way to follow him.Until, in the capital, a gold theft, the police have a new clue, not only are they very similar!Even the m.O. is the same, forging receipt after receipt, tomorrow or the day after, with the idea of predicting the gold float.This intention only cheats two of his, that day unexpectedly full load return, consciousness more and more silly person, began unbridled fraud!There is no doubt that the justice of justice is slow, still full of happiness, he was rushed to the police arrested.And is such a person, not only is not unemployed or a training organization boss, once served as a teacher!For fraud is also confessed, call the salesman is too stupid, the payment process is too simple, relying on a simple printer, will be played around.At the same time, the words of his speech, not as a people without culture, with good prospects, that why he took to the road, a word of money, although he is training institutions, owner of the home also however twenty thousand, 300000 of arrears and unpaid wages, let he once wanted to escape, until the last time to participate in the expo, he still played a bad state of mind,And he wanted to stop once or twice, but he got deeper and deeper, and finally got 11 years in prison!People’s life, can not be plain sailing, although there is such a shortcut to copy, but the risk and punishment is also great, slow and steady is the right path.