Noon sunshine and a major melodies drama to be shot, solid actress for cake, heat is a high voice

2022-05-09 0 By

A GOOD producer, good director, good script and good actors are indispensable for a TV drama to achieve high ratings and reputation.If you want to ask the current drama circle recognized “golden signboard”, is the midday sun.Last year noon sunshine broadcast two drama, “Mountain and Sea” word-of-mouth explosion, in “magnolia” to get a number of awards.”Children of Joe” was a lower-than-expected hit, but not a bad one.The short drama “The Beginning”, led by two young actors bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai, has not expected to set off a wave of enthusiasm for the drama.Once again, the law came true.At noon, there are three dramas that have not yet been aired, one is “We are Young” after nearly four years in the box, one is “Welcome” with Huang Xuan and Bai Baihe, and the new cast of “Ode to Joy 3”, the latter two seem to be quite “bang”.In addition at noon there are two highly anticipated production waiting for the boot, “county Party Courtyard” actor has been up in the air, Zhang Jiayi, Huang Xuan, Wang Kai, Zhang Yi, Yu Hewei, Lei Jiayin, Guo Jingfei, Huang Xiaoming, Jin Dong was stolen all over.From each big battalion sells the number to break the news to see, Wang Kai wins the probability is larger.For one thing, he had several happy collaborations with Noon, and his performances in the two songs “A Big River” were also obvious.Following the “mountain and sea feelings”, midday sunshine again shot the main melody of the drama, that is “Tree of life”.This drama by “mountain and Sea” two scriptwriters personally, Gao Mantang as script planning, plus “gold producer” Hou Hongliang escort, behind the scenes is not generally strong.But every drama that midday sunshine produces, it is the “big pie” that the course of study fights for, “tree of Life” nature is no exception also.Considering that this drama is a theme, it is expected to sweep magnolia like Big River and Mountain And Sea, which will inevitably lead to a wave of “battle for the role”.Noonday is known for casting old acquaintances, so it’s unlikely that the Tree of Life’s lead actress will be a first-time co-star.Among them, three of the 85 real actresses have a fight, the first is Tong Yao, because of “Big River” got the “30th golden Eagle Award” “best actress”, the elder sister “Song Yunping” make how many audience meaning difficult to level.The second is MAO Xiaotong, she in the “Children of The Qiao family” outstanding play let a person shine at the moment, the “Qiao Sanli” to shape a distinct personality, gentle and kind and strong independent, it is too circle powder.As for the leading lady candidate, it must be Reiza.This role and “Shan Hai Qing” “splash” somewhat similar, she played without any difficulty.Last “Magnolia award” heat according to the big hot inverted zao no eye, attracted many netizens for its grievances, this time if can play female number one can be said to be expected.Noon sunshine is always rigorous in casting respect, hope to choose the leading actress acting and road people good, more look forward to “tree of life” can be like “mountain and sea feelings” as a classic.