Strive to improve the provincial sports bureau compound staff residential environment health

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To carry out the party history study, since the education of yunnan province sports bureau closely around to learn, have a good grasp of, do real party’s innovation theory, focusing on the political lead of party members and cadres, party history, enlightenment thoughts, does the practical work, to open the new bureau, draw strength from the party history study education, promote sports career to a new level, contribute to plateau characteristic sports strong province construction.Sports is a livelihood project related to people’s health. Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau gives full play to the advantages of sports system and actively plans new methods and measures to do practical things with sports characteristics and sincerely serve the people.In the work practice, mobilize and integrate various resources, based on the needs of the masses, deeply around the masses, sincerely do practical things for the masses, do good things, solve difficult problems, let the masses feel the happiness of sports for the people, enjoy the sense of gain brought by sports, and solidly promote the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”.”Reality” in the side of the masses The provincial Sports Bureau strives to improve the environmental health of the residential area for the staff of the compound. Due to the long-term lack of effective management and the aging of the community, the poor living environment in the residential area of the staff of the provincial sports Bureau has seriously affected the daily life of the people in the community.Therefore, the bureau party group to improve the provincial sports bureau compound staff residential living environment as “I do practical things for the masses” key livelihood projects to promote, the bureau leaders for many field visits, quickly and effectively organized the development of a solution.Through coordination, the administrative affairs management center of the provincial Sports Bureau and the Zhuangyuanlou community cooperated with each other to complete the environmental renovation of the provincial sports Bureau compound.In March 2021, the administrative affairs management center of the provincial Sports Bureau signed the “Entrusted Management Agreement” with zhuangyuanlou Community, and orderly promoted the transfer of supporting facilities, management ledger, staff and other work, and assisted the community to select the property company to enter the management.At the same time, the center actively carried out policy publicity and interpretation work for residents, held seminars to solicit residents’ opinions, and obtained their understanding and support.In May 2021, since the property company entered the residential area, it has made efforts to strengthen the management of vehicle access.Newly installed 2 sets of automatic management system for vehicle access, equipped with 10 security personnel, 14 sets of access control system for maintenance units.At the same time, the compound modified working group will focus shifted to improve the living environment, work includes more than 50 unit gate for paint renovation, transform trash pickup 4 sets of equipment, green area of 570 square meters, and arrange for maintenance staff for the unmanned cleaning the stairs, corridor cleaning for not less than 4 times a month.In addition, under the efforts of the transformation working group, the community service quality of the provincial sports Bureau compound has also been significantly improved. The community has installed 3 sets of express storage equipment, and provides free on-site maintenance of water and electricity facilities for 275 households. The residents’ living environment and supporting services have been significantly improved compared with the past.The courtyard community renovation work, the provincial sports bureau invested 157,100 yuan in total.With the continuous advancement of the socialization management of residential areas, it has effectively improved the living environment of the people in the compound and improved the living quality of the residents. More than 620 residents of the staff residential areas of the compound of the provincial Sports Bureau have benefited from it. They have truly served the people and put “I do practical things for the people” into practice.Transferred from wechat official account of Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau