Can the stomach eat an orange?Doctor: those who have a bad stomach can often eat these 4 fruits

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Guide language: the main function of the stomach is storage, grinding, stirring, and secrete gastric acid, all sorts of digestive enzymes and other parts of the digestive food to promote the internal factor of red blood cell maturity (lack of anemia).The stomach is a digestive organ that is easily irritated, so be careful to avoid spicy or irritating foods.The functions and functions of the stomach are mainly shown in the following five aspects. The first one is acceptance, that is, food enters the stomach through the oral cavity and esophagus, and the stomach accepts the food. The second one is storage.This is the storage function of the stomach. The third function is secretion. Gastric juice is the digestive juice secreted by different cells in the gastric mucosa.One, the stomach is not good can eat orange?People with a bad stomach are advised not to eat oranges, especially those with a heavier sour taste.Because eating oranges may cause excessive gastric acid secretion, leading to the aggravation of acid reflux symptoms, and even stomach pain, stomach distension and other situations, so that the condition of stomach disease.People with a bad stomach suggest a light diet, you can eat all kinds of porridge, such as rice porridge, millet porridge, lean porridge and other easy to digest, absorb food, can not eat raw and cold, sour and spicy, stimulating food, also had better not eat fried, pickled food.If the patient has symptoms of bad stomach, he/she needs to go to the hospital in time. He/she should cooperate with the doctor to improve the electronic gastroscopy to clarify the specific condition. If necessary, he/she should cooperate with the doctor to use drugs for treatment.After the stomach disease is completely cured, you can eat all kinds of fruit normally, including oranges, but no matter what kind of fruit is recommended for the right amount, can not overeat.Two, stomach is not good can eat orange?Doctor: people with bad stomach, usually can often eat these 4 kinds of fruit (1) pomegranate pomegranate is rich in nutrition, with appetizing, promoting digestion, people with bad stomach can eat.But be sure to eat it in moderation, because pomegranate is rich in fruit acid, which can play an appetizing effect, but also may stimulate gastric acid secretion too much, affecting gastrointestinal function, so it is not appropriate to eat too much.And pomegranate belongs to warm food, will not damage the stomach, so pomegranate is still a good health food, it is recommended that people with a bad stomach can eat a small piece at ordinary times.Had better not empty stomach edible pomegranate, because the pomegranate seed quality of a material in pomegranate is harder, the stomach mucous membrane that meets stimulation, injury very likely below empty circumstance.Pomegranates can be eaten half an hour after eating.In addition to pomegranate, usually also pay attention to balanced intake of various fruits and vegetables.To stomach disease, take medicaments to treat even in time.(2) Pitaya stomach is not comfortable can eat pitaya, because the pulp of pitaya is particularly soft, and easy to digest, will not bring a burden on the stomach, and eat a little pitaya in proper amount, can promote digestion, and protect the gastric mucosa, is good for stomach.Stomach uncomfortable to eat soft, easy to digest food, staple food can choose millet gruel, noodles, etc., can choose white gourd vegetables, broccoli, easy to digest, such as vegetables, also can eat potato food appropriately, this kind of food is not only easy to digest, also can protect the gastric mucosa, often eat not only contribute to a healthy stomach, can also promote the improvement of immunity.(3) People with a bad stomach can eat grapes, but not more.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, grape tastes sweet and slightly cold, and has the functions of nourishing qi and blood, diuresis and detumescence, liver and kidney.Grapes are rich in glucose, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients, which can assist gastrointestinal peristalsis to promote food digestion and absorption.When taken in moderation, it can relieve symptoms such as indigestion and low gastrointestinal function.But for people with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold, eating too much will damage the spleen Yang will lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms.Usually pay more attention to eating habits, eat less stimulating food, eat regularly and quantitatively, pay attention to warm and rest.(4) Apple stomach is not good people can eat apples, apples contain tannic acid and organic acids, have the effect of convergence and diarrhea.At the same time, the crude fiber in the apple has the effect of laxation, apple has the dual role of antidiarrhea and laxation, can improve the intestinal situation of patients with gastric ulcer, indirectly promote the healing of gastric ulcer.And apple can also strengthen the spleen and stomach, fill the gas in the coke, promote the digestion and absorption of food, the intestinal excretion and nutrient absorption plays an important role.If stomach ulcers are severe, try to eat less.Because the acidity of apple will stimulate ulcer surface, it is best not to eat in the morning.It is recommended to use apples 1 hour after meals.In addition, it can be heated and served.In a word, people with a bad stomach can eat more of these fruits to nourish their stomach.Healthy New Year