DNF: New Year 66R package exposure!Contains 10 brilliant +50 amplifiers, but can be obtained for free

2022-05-10 0 By

With the continuous development of the New version, it has been opened for half a month now!During these three weeks, DNF launched three waves of activities, and many of them were joined.For example, you can get 1300 contradictions, dream platinum badge, 100 level transfer letter of the soul of the other world, the first play give +10 increase coupons, the second play give professional platinum badge of the yong shop, and sign up to get 1420 heart pass, sweet chocolate dressed up sweet message activities and so on.In order to help the New version and the Alloy soldier, DNF web side to join the force activities are also very many, a minimum guarantee can get 10 equipment promotion gift box, the original professional platinum badge DNF random challenge, after reaching 100 level can be 20 kinds of mosquito leg benefits of the alloy soldier upgrade challenge,As well as New Year’s eve events where you can get at least 53 equipment upgrades.All of these activities can be found through the DNF Assistant campaign and are relatively easy to get rewards for, making them well worth participating in.New Year 66R package exposure so many powerful activities on the web side, because the operation is simple, as long as the point up every day, I believe that many players will do.However, on a certain treasure, some bad merchants have found business opportunities for these activities and want to make small money. For example, this 66 gift pack contains 4 kinds of props, including 10 upgrade coupons, 50 amplifiers, 50 adjustment boxes and 10 brilliant random gift boxes. If you do not consider other factors, the cost performance is actually quite high.Light 50 amplifiers have want to let a person buy impulse, I believe that many sprout new and small white will start.Gift bag prototype is spring collection card but in fact, a little know about Spring Festival activities have certain players know, sold on a treasure 66 bags of activities and prototype is the New Year card, gather together enough number of awards and gift bag items after 10 sets of the same, players can completely with his white piao, not use to buy, use more/mutual exchange,It takes no more than 7 days to assemble 10 sets, and it doesn’t have to be earned by black merchants.One must wonder how the Black Merchant managed to get 10 sets of cards together so quickly.Set card rules have leak reason actually very simple, in fact, as long as make good use of set card rules, set card rules that individual QQ every day up to present, card being charged four times, but didn’t explain the QQ to receive the card number, that is to say, the activity can actually infinite receiving card, and selling CARDS studio usually have hundreds of QQ number,In addition, there are no rare cards in this card collection activity, so it is not difficult for a QQ to draw 10 sets of cards, each Q can give 4 times a day, 30 Q can be filled up.Generally speaking, it is not surprising that some black merchants will use the Spring Festival activities to pack and sell gift bags. On a treasure, almost all the bags can be found through the activities, and most of them do not need to spend money, just spend time to get rewards.Although say to save time to let business opportunity earn also right, but provide account number to have the risk that be cheated and stolen, therefore for these “gift package” everybody had better be ability white piao white piao.