Digital Finance Weekly | Standard Chartered Suspends all channel credit card applications

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China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) on February 18, the CBRC issued a warning on the risk of illegal fund-raising in the name of the universe.Supervision points out that recently, some lawless elements, in order to “yuan universe investment project”, “yuan universe chain tour” and other names to absorb funds, suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities, these activities under the banner of “yuan universe”, with greater temptation, strong deceptive, participants are vulnerable to property losses.The public is invited to enhance their awareness of risk prevention and ability to recognize risks and beware of being cheated.Some banks in Chongqing have lowered the down payment ratio for first home loans to as low as 20% since the Spring Festival, according to a real estate agency in the region on February 18.A bank loan interest rate table obtained by the real estate agent shows that as of Feb. 16, the down payment of the first apartment of icbc, POSTAL Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, China Citic Bank, Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank and Bank of Chongqing can be as low as 20 percent.However, in the case of a second home (cleared) and a second home (not cleared), the down payment is still 40 per cent.3. Huaxia bank HuaCi zhang jian, vice chairman Luo Ganyi 10 days ago has just resigned on February 17th, huaxia bank announced, said zhang jianhua, because of work reasons, resigned from the company managing director, President, the risk and compliance management committee of the board, director of the committee, the board’s strategy development and consumer rights and interests protection committee.On Feb. 7, Luo Ganyi, vice chairman of Huaxia Bank, resigned.Documents show that Luo Ganyi was approved by China Banking And Insurance Regulatory Commission to serve as director and vice chairman of Huaxia Bank in July 2020. He has worked in Huaxia Bank for less than 2 years.Until the appointment of the new President by the Board of Directors and his qualifications are approved by THE CBRC, the Board of Directors shall designate Mr. Li Minji, chairman of the board, to perform the functions of the President on behalf of the Board of Directors.Recently, Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited announced that it would suspend credit card applications, sparking heated debate in the industry.Standard Chartered bank (STANChart) announced on February 15 that it is working to optimize its credit card application channels to better provide credit card related services.Online credit card application services are temporarily closed.Standard Chartered will also temporarily stop accepting new credit card applications from other sources from February 20.”We will resume credit card applications once the credit card application channels are optimized,” standard Chartered said in the statement.Ii. 1. Changes have taken place in Xiaomi’s small loan business. Consumer loan business has been merged into MiOMI’s Consumer finance business, which has begun to merge with Miomi consumer Finance.Tianxing several branch of the cash loan brand with the star borrow officially by Chongqing Millet xiaojin to provide services, previously with the star borrow by millet xiaodai responsible for management and funding.Xiaomi has revamped its financial business to include small loans, according to people familiar with the matter.”Tianxin has not increased its capital for Xiaodai, and may follow the example of Ant Group and incorporate all its consumer finance business into a consumer finance company, which is in line with the regulatory trend and not affected by the new regulations on online small loans.”2. Mongolian consumer finance is “unchanged”, with a comprehensive annual interest rate as high as 35.77%, which is not consistent with the propaganda on the page.Recently, on the Black Cat complaint platform, a user showed screenshots showing that the comprehensive annual interest rate of Mongolian consumer finance is as high as 35.77%. However, after checking the advertised interest rate of Mongolian consumer finance, the netizens found that the comprehensive annual interest rate marked is 29.93%, which is not consistent with their actual loan interest rate.In addition, Mongolian business consumer finance also involves violence collection and other issues.Swedish “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) giant Klarna is planning a new round of financing, which is expected to value the platform at $50 billion to $60 billion, according to multiple foreign media reports.Klarna is said to be seeking investment from sovereign wealth funds and pension funds.Market participants expect Klarna to launch an initial public offering later this year.Downing Street had lobbied the company to list on the London Stock Exchange instead of the New York Stock Exchange.Recently, Central Plains consumer finance in order to further deepen the conductivity and permeability of anti-fraud knowledge, under the guidance of the Internet and financial Anti-fraud Alliance and Beijing Criminal Investigation Bureau,United millet consumer finance, happiness consumer finance, Sina, Gome letter, Samoye cloud and other nine Internet and financial companies to carry out “anti-fraud keywords” education activities, a total of anti-fraud defense.As one of the core members of Internet and financial Anti-fraud Alliance, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance is also the only licensed consumer financial institution in Henan Province.Tiansu, a digital technology service platform affiliated to Xiaomi Group, said in response to media reports that tiansu’s business lines and team were being reduced, there was no reduction in the team.Star for claims, the related lines of business in line with the principle of “focusing on its main business, service entity”, in the fourth quarter of 2021 to adjust the organization structure, the related lines of business integration form digital industry finance and retail banking, digital retail banking credit department, comprehensive department of science and technology, pay for sales department and international business department.According to industrial and commercial information, Chongqing Wanda Microfinance Co., Ltd. has recently decided to dissolve and has entered the cancellation stage.This means that wanda’s online small-loan license with the highest registered capital will be withdrawn from the market.The registered capital of Chongqing Wanda Small Loan is 2.5 billion yuan, wholly owned by Shanghai Wanda Network Financial Services Co., LTD., and its lending platform is Wanda Loan, according to industrial and Commercial information.Ant Group recently established Sace Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD.According to industrial and commercial documents, Sass Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established on February 14, 2022 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. It is 100% held by Ant Financial (Hangzhou) Network Technology Co., LTD., which is wholly-owned by Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., LTD.;The legal representative of the company is Ni Xingjun.Recently, as a member of Beijing International Data Trading Alliance, Experian has officially settled in Beijing International Big Data Exchange (HEREINAFTER referred to as “BeISu”), becoming the first foreign credit investigation agency to launch products on the trading platform of Beisu.It is understood that Experian will launch its core product — Global Data Network (GDN) on the Beijing Data Research Institute platform to “provide comprehensive and authoritative credit investigation Data at home and abroad for domestic enterprises”.