On New Year’s Day, remember “3 eat 3 do 3 bogey”, meaning the year of the tiger, don’t forget the old tradition

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At the start of the Spring Festival, a year, is facing, months and years of the dynasty, also is the most popular and ceremonious festival of the year, the folk will organize rich and colorful activities to celebrate, the traditional “custom” and “rules” are also much more special, especially in take special attention on the first day, so as not to make the “taboo”, affect the festive atmosphere and mood in the New Year.At the beginning of the New Year, many places have the saying “eat three, do three taboo”, respect these old traditions, the year of the tiger, prosperous New Year.Dumplings have always been a traditional food in China, especially in the north, regardless of the size of the festival table must be a plate of delicious dumplings.Dumplings hun vegetable, known as all-encompassing, the characteristics of all rivers run into sea, contain a variety of auspicious implies ingredients, can be inside of bag is a symbol of the best blessing into a bag, and dumplings with “jiaozi” in Chinese, the “pay” has the meaning of together, dumplings sleek appearance similar to silver piece at the same time, have a lucky implied meaning of the treasure, in the day,The whole family gets together to make and eat dumplings, symbolizing good luck and prosperity in the New Year.Among China’s traditional food, rice cake has always been a favorite during festivals. Eating rice cake during the Spring Festival is also one of China’s traditional food customs.Rice cakes and “annual high” homophonic, take a “ladder”, on the first day of the New Year, eat rice cakes means a New Year family business can move onward, academic, and rice cake is white or yellow cubes, like money, implied meaning good luck in the New Year, kung hei fat choi, plus there are different forms of rice cake, rich flavor, is a very appropriate year for food.China has a vast territory, and different regions have different preferences for rice cakes. Generally speaking, people in the north eat rice cakes with sweet taste made by steaming or frying, while people in the South eat rice cakes with both sweet and salty taste. In addition to steaming and frying, they also like fried rice cakes or boiled soup.Three, called jai – meaning blessing eliminate evil in many regions in our country has the first day of New Year is a tradition, in the folk has “” winning day called jai, eat a year”, called jai and “eat” unisonant, take “eat disaster and disaster”, the symbol in the day called jai will New Year disaster and disaster are eaten, the moral in peace all year round, no disease no disaster.Actually this is not to do not have certain discipline reason, in New Year’s Eve dinner people is unavoidable want big fish big meat, overeat, and eat vegetable already can solve greasy, still can assure meat and vegetable collocation, healthy and reasonable diet, with refreshing state to greet New Year.1, open the door gun on the first day of the New Year pay attention to open the door gun, in the Spring Festival morning after opening the door, first put a hang of firecrackers, to meet the god of joy, drive away ghosts, some areas are also called “open the door wealth”, although different areas called different, but there is this beautiful auspicious meaning.According to legend, there is a monster called “year”, fierce, often come out on the occasion of the New Year to eat people, gradually people found that the “year beast” afraid of the fire and sound of firecrackers, people began to set off firecrackers in the early morning on the first day of the New Year, one after another, as time passes, the custom of setting off firecrackers in the New Year has spread to this day.Every New Year, the sound of firecrackers incessant ears, with the meaning of farewell to the old and welcome the new and open the door to meet the blessing.After the opening of the door gun, the ground is broken red, can if yunjin, as if covered with a layer of red carpet, beaming very in line with the Atmosphere of the New Year, which is also known as “full hall”.Although many cities now have “no guns” regulations, but can still use electronic cannon to replace.2, ancestor worship in many areas, there is a New Year’s Day ancestor worship.Arrived on the first morning, adults always wake up early child in the home, to the family put on new clothes or clean clothes, wash gargle, adults can be led the children in their stalls set up by former commanding his mantle, and sincere worship, KouXie, expressing the memory of ancestors and to thank ancestors bless and pray for the family in the New Year the smooth, go in peace.Then.Under the leadership of adults, the gods will be set up in the home to bow down to worship, thank these gods in the past year for the protection and supervision of the family, looking forward to the New Year to bless the family health and happiness.New Year is a traditional Chinese New Year folk custom, is a way to express the old and usher in the new, mutual blessing.New Year’s greetings usually start from the family, the younger generation after getting up and washing, to the family elders, wish the elders good health and all the best, and the elders in worship, will be in advance with New Year’s money red envelopes to the younger generation, to express the elders hope the younger generation healthy growth of the wish.After celebrating the New Year to the elders of the family, people go out to meet friends, neighbors or relatives, but also smile to each other “Happy New Year”, “Kung Hei Fat Choi” auspicious greetings.1, not cleaning in the day, according to the old tradition can’t touch the broom, cleaning, think that the older the earth in the New Year be filled with “blessing”, “luck” and “type”, if in cleaning on that day, will take a year of good luck, wealth and good fortune are swept out of the house, the family a year of good luck to all have no, so pay attention to don’t touch the broom,Not cleaning up.If it is really dirty on the ground at home, you can use a broom to sweep the garbage from the outside to the inside into a pile, meaning good luck to sweep the door, until the fifth “break five” when the garbage will accumulate.There are some places pay attention to the New Year’s Day should not pour out water, since ancient times, people believe that water symbolizes wealth, if the New Year poured out water, afraid of money.2, don’t eat porridge on pay attention to many, many parts on food have a day don’t eat the porridge, think “thin” corresponding thin, blessed is the meaning of wealth thin thin, and the relative word “thick”, “thin” represents, so in order to make the day of a year later rich, more people will choose relatively dry food or sticky food.There is another saying that porridge is called “muddle-headed” in some places. People believe that if they drink it on the first day of the New Year, they will become muddle-headed and everything will go wrong, making their life a mess.Either way, it expresses people’s hope that life in the New Year will be prosperous and everything goes smoothly.3, do not kill in China’s traditional concept, it is considered unlucky to have blood in the home, especially on the first day of the New Year to see blood, is a sign of bad luck, so before the New Year’s Eve, people kill chickens, cattle and other goods for the New Year, and after the New Year’s Eve, no longer kill, start the New Year., old well said, on the “3 3 3 cream”, see whether science from the view of now, expressed the people yearning and pursuit of a better life in the future, I hope in the New Year will ask all, accompanying all royal road to learning, New Year’s eve, your local in on the first day and what interesting old tradition, can discuss in the comments section to share with you.The New Year is coming, and I wish you all good luck and good luck in the Year of the Tiger.I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still interested!Like to focus on food, drink and skittles, daily update recipes and food interesting news, pay attention to me, enjoy food not lost.