The Chinese women’s ice hockey team was defeated in the first match

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After a lapse of 12 years, China’s ice hockey team made its first appearance in the Winter Olympics.China lost 3-1 to Czech Republic in the group game of women’s ice hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games on Sunday.The 10-team event will feature the top five teams in the world in Group A, while Group B will include sixth-ranked Japan and qualifiers Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark, as well as host China.The two groups play A single round robin, with the top three teams in Group B advancing to the last eight and then playing A cross-knockout match with the five teams in Group A for A place in the semi-finals.Against China, the Czech Republic is making its first appearance at the Winter Olympics since the team was established in 1999.In recent years, with the “96 golden generation” becoming increasingly mature, the Czech Team has made rapid progress, and won the sixth place in two consecutive World Championships. The world ranking has jumped up to the seventh place, the leader of the “third group”.The Czech Republic outclassed Poland, Hungary and Norway in qualifying for the Winter Olympics.China is making its fourth appearance at the Winter Olympics.In 1998, when women’s ice hockey became an official sport at the Winter Olympics for the first time, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team made it to the final four.In 2002 and 2010 Winter Olympics, The Chinese women’s ice hockey team won the seventh place again.The Chinese team is currently ranked 20th in the world.This game, The Chinese team will be the main goalkeeper Zhou Jiaying replaced, sent on the team’s youngest player Chen Tiya.In the face of the strong enemy, The Chinese team did not shy away, after the opening on the basis of active counterattack based on defense, launched the offensive, in the other side’s defense zone to create many opportunities.However, at 10:38, the Czech republic shot in front of the Chinese team. Chinese player Rebecca accidentally touched the ball and the ball changed course and went into the net.After conceding the goal, The Chinese team was in a bit of a panic, coupled with a decline in physical fitness, the situation fell into a passive, 0 to 1 end the first quarter of the game.In the second quarter of the game to 3:57 seconds, China made a mistake in the counter-rob, the Czech republic forward Krytsova holds the ball to the front of the goal, with excellent individual ability to break Chen Tian Ya again guarded the gate.Trailing by two goals, China did not give up and finally opened the scoring at 9:02 of the period.The Czech republic players were given two minutes to leave the field for a foul, and the Chinese players were given a chance to play more and play less. The girls patiently passed the ball to find space and finally striker Miller scored from a distance to bring the hosts back to the game.The game was then contested, with both sides squandering scoring opportunities in front of the net, and the score remained 2-1 until the end of the second quarter.The opening stages of the third quarter were evenly matched.At 6:27, Pezlova took a pass from her teammate and scored.Then both sides failed to break the net again, although the Chinese team counter-attack, the scene does not fall, but still 3-1 regret.At 12:10 p.m. on Thursday, China will face Denmark, which is also making its first appearance in the Winter Olympics.As the latter is relatively weak, this game is crucial for the Chinese women’s ice hockey team to compete for the third place in the group and reach the final eight.Source: Beijing daily client | reporter wang laughed The process editor: li sl party U065 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.