The older brother is the one responsible for drunk driving

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Xiangtan online on February 11th (xiangtan daily media reporter Wu Shan) all (annual people), February 6, man Zou Mou in family meals driving after drinking, accidents occurred as a result, the chances he called brother package, think brother alike foolproof, unexpectedly was recognise a traffic police, cleverness to the big trouble.At 16 o ‘clock on February 6, Yue Tang traffic police brigade accident team received 122 sent police: in yue Tang district plate bamboo road drop water resettlement residential area on the opposite slope section, a collision of two motor vehicles road traffic accident.Squadron police immediately arrived at the scene of the accident, claiming to be the driver of zou Strong to inquire, understand the accident.In the inquiry, the police found zou strong stammering, after the accident is not clear, and consciously avoid questions.In this, the police heart doubts, so in-depth investigation, through the surveillance video comparison found that after the accident, the first time out of the man although looks similar to Zou Strong, but slightly taller, police suspect the accident vehicle driver another person.After careful investigation, it was found that the actual driver of the car was Zou Jun. Before the incident, he had drunk several bottles of beer at home and then sent friends and relatives home. The accident happened on the way.Zou jun afraid of traffic police to find out after drinking driving motor vehicle, he called his brother Zou strong to “top package”, trying to avoid the suspicion of drunk driving, the results were found by police.Police said people who drive after drinking alcohol will face a fine of 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, 12 points on their driving license and a six-month suspension, while providing false testimony will face administrative detention of up to 10 days and a fine of up to 500 yuan.Zou strong this wave of operation, not only hurt himself, but also hurt his brother.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page