Changzhi city CPPCC held the 25th standing Committee meeting of the 13th session

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On February 14, the municipal CPPCC held the 25th standing Committee meeting of the 13th session, and the meeting decided to hold the first meeting of the 14th Session of the CPPCC Changzhi City Committee on February 19 in Changzhi., chairman of the CPPCC Xu Xia chaired the meeting and delivered a speech, CPPCC municipal party secretary li, the standing committee of the municipal party committee, deputy mayor zhang heping, the standing committee of the municipal party committee, minister of united front work department, deputy secretary of cheung chi-kong, vice chairman of the CPPCC Yang Jiangbo, 闫路平, liu, JiaoJiLin, Wang Weijun, wen-dong zhao, lu Ming, the CPPCC Cui Jianghua party members and the CPPCC Li Yiguang secretary-general attended the meeting.At the meeting, Zhang Heping made drafting notes on the Government Work Report (draft for comments).The meeting discussed the Government Work Report (draft for public comments).Zhang Zhigang for the 14th session of the Municipal CPPCC sector set up, the number of members and candidates.The Municipal Party Committee office and the Municipal Government office respectively reported the proposal handling situation since the fifth meeting of the 13th CPPCC session.The meeting deliberated and approved the establishment of the 14th Municipal CPPCC sector, the number of members and the list of candidates;To examine and approve the decision on convening the first session of the 14th CPPCC Municipal Committee;To examine and approve the work report and rapporteurs of the Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee and the proposal work report and rapporteurs of the Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee;Deliberating and approving the agenda, schedule, organizing method and convenor list of each group, organizing list and other documents of the first session of the municipal CPPCC, making preparations for the first session of the municipal CPPCC.The meeting was written to review the municipal CPPCC special committee, research center summary of work.Xu Xia said in the speech, the current municipal CPPCC term of five years, is changzhi city to overcome difficulties, made important achievements in five years, is also the role of the municipal CPPCC function to give full play to the growing social impact, the cause of the CPPCC booming five years.Over the past five years, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the 13th CPPCC Standing Committee has been guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and has made efforts to promote democracy and enhance unity, to provide advice and advice to the government, and to build consensus.The common ideological and political foundation has been strengthened, the role of specialized consultative bodies has been fully demonstrated, consensus building has been significantly enhanced, and the capacity for advising and advising government has been significantly enhanced.For the past five years, each of the standing committee and the committee members adhere to all the Chinese people’s political consultative conference, to negotiation, good town, adhere to the discipline, speak rules and conduct, in the bigger picture in the city, and give attention to the livelihood of the people concerned to perform three big functions, give full play to their strengths, for economic and social development and people’s political consultative conference of changzhi city career progress made important contributions.Xu xia pointed out that the cause of the CPPCC is passed on from generation to generation and sustained development, which requires successive CPPCC members to carry forward the past and forge ahead.The upcoming opening of the 14th session of the Municipal PEOPLE’s Political Consultative Conference is of great significance to promote the innovation and development of the Cause of the Changzhi People’s Political Consultative Conference on the new starting point of the new journey in the new era.At present, the preparatory work for the Congress has entered the countdown stage. I hope that all members of the Standing Committee will carry out their duties with prudence.It is hoped that all the staff of the SECRETARIAT of the CONFERENCE will enhance their sense of urgency and responsibility and step up preparations for the conference to ensure its smooth opening and complete success.(Source: Changzhi Daily)