Expansion of losses ST Cylon or will face delisting risk

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7, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for ST Cylon (002776) January 26 disclosure of 2021 annual performance notice issued a letter of concern.In the previous performance forecast, ST Cyron said that in 2021 the company is expected to achieve operating income of 140 million yuan to 150 million yuan, the mother net profit is expected to lose 1.1 billion yuan to 1.3 billion yuan, the loss widened 247% to 310%.The main reasons for the large loss of the company’s performance are the credit impairment loss of the company’s other receivables, the loss of a large number of customers and the sharp decline in sales orders.In view of the above situation, In the letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, ST Borong is required to explain whether the company’s operating income after deduction in 2021 is less than 100 million yuan. If so, it needs to supplement the disclosure of relevant performance forecasts and timely and fully disclose risk warnings, and requires the company to reply to this letter in writing before February 11, 2022.Analysts pointed out that ST Berong in 2020 to the mother net profit loss of about 317 million yuan, year-on-year reduction of 358.46%.If the audited net assets of the company are negative at the end of 2021, the company’s stock may be delisted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.It is worth noting that ST Berong had previously been placed on file by the CSRC because of xinpi violations. On October 30, 2021, the CSRC has issued a notice of administrative punishment in advance to the company.The SECURITIES Regulatory Commission found that ST Cylon there are three violations of the facts: first, ST Cylon initial public offering prospectus, 2016 non-public offering of stock issuance report and listing notice and periodic report existence of false records;Second, ST Cylon is suspected of failing to truthfully disclose the “other non-current assets” statement project in the 2017 to 2019 annual report, failing to truthfully disclose the use of raised funds in the 2018 annual report;Third, ST Cylon is suspected of failing to fulfill the approval procedures and information disclosure obligations of external guarantee in 2018 to 2020.According to ST Berong January 5 announcement disclosure, the company involved in violation of the guarantee balance of 470 million yuan, 410 million yuan due to the performance of the guarantee responsibility has been haikou United Rural commercial bank deduction, the remaining 60 million yuan is currently frozen by the Guangzhou Tianhe People’s Court.At present, the company’s illegal guarantee matters have not been properly resolved, there is a risk that it cannot recover the withheld funds in time and relieve the guarantee liability.Shanghai Huzi law firm Liu Peng lawyer said that up to now, ST Cyron’s final administrative punishment has not been issued, but the rights and interests of damaged investors to the company has started litigation claims.According to relevant judicial interpretation, the claim range of this case can be clearly defined as: investors who bought the stock between June 10, 2015 and March 18, 2021 and sold the stock on Or after March 19, 2021 or still hold the stock at a loss can sign up through the public number “Dazhong Securities News” (characteristic code: 11011) to participate in the collection of claims.The reporter Li yan