Our city adds another academician workstation

2022-05-11 0 By

News from our correspondent (reporter Wang Hongyang) March 15, the reporter learned in the municipal Bureau of Science and Technology that Miss Food Co., LTD. “Academician workstation of High quality wheat breeding in Henan Province” was approved by the provincial Department of Science and Technology. This is the second academician workstation approved by the provincial department of Science and Technology after the construction and management reform of academician workstation in our province.Led by Xu Weigang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his team, The “Henan Province High-quality Special Wheat Breeding Academician Workstation” of The Company plans to carry out in-depth research and development in wheat genetic breeding research, food enterprise incubation, high-end food research and development and other fields.Within 3 years, we will cultivate 1 to 2 high-quality wheat varieties, popularize planting area of 2 million mu, develop 1 to 3 new nutrition and health flour products, train and introduce 10 innovative research and development personnel, and achieve comprehensive economic benefits of 100 million yuan.The establishment of the academician workstation will play a powerful role in promoting the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, the cultivation of innovative talents, the construction of innovative platform, and the guarantee of high quality and high yield of wheat.In recent years, the municipal science and technology attaches great importance to the high-level talents education, successively set up 22 academician workstation, the workstation 3, zhongyuan scholars introduced 16 industry talents team, formed a team of experts leading innovation, build the unit depth fusion heights, for the city to speed up the economic and social development and construction of provincial deputy center city provides a powerful talent support.Editor: Qi Jie First trial: Chen Xiaopu final trial: Lu Yuanpeng