Two pairs of “twins” master and apprentice of the same Spring Festival travel

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Wei Qinghua, Reporter Xie Yang, Deng Xinwen and apprentice He Zhongli went on a ride.Jiang Xiao/Photo At 23:42 on January 23, just into midnight, The railway Nanning Bureau Group Liuzhou locomotive depot emU driver Deng Xinwen began a new round of duty duty.This night, he will take on the duty of pulling the D4744 BULLET train from Foshan west to Guilin west section.This is the first cross-provincial night high-speed train for drivers from Nanning Bureau Group since the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush.In this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, in order to cope with the peak passenger flow and meet the demand of passengers, Nanning Bureau Group Corporation of China Railway has added 44 pairs of night high-speed trains, among which Liuzhou Airport section is responsible for 35 pairs of night high-speed trains on guizhou-Guangzhou Line.Deng Xinwen, a veteran of the high-speed train drivers, volunteered to serve on the first night high-speed train.In recent days, guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou regions frequent rain and fog weather, guiguang line Bridges, tunnels, large wave channel, encountered rain and fog weather, observation will be greatly affected, driving in such a line at night, extremely test the driver’s control level and mental state.”Driving bullet trains at night, visibility is reduced, must always be alert, pay attention to driving lookout!”Deng xinwen stared at the front, did not forget to remind the car behind the student He Zhongli.Deng Xinwu and his apprentice He Zhongzhi picked up the train.This year’s Spring Festival travel rush has special meaning for Deng Xinwen, as he and his twin brother, Deng Xinwu, each received a twin apprentice to share the trip.Deng Xinwen and Deng Xinwu are both emU drivers of Guilin EMU Workshop in Liuzhou Locomotive Depot. The two brothers went to work on the same day, joined the Communist Party of China on the same day, and became EMU drivers on the same day.The same experience, the same occupation, so that the brothers help each other in the work, but also secretly competitive.When they met each other on off-duty, they would sit down to exchange driving experience, analyze their own emergencies and locomotive failures in driving, and study better solutions. They soon became the business backbone of the workshop.”Behind is the safety of more than 1,000 passengers, bullet train drivers are in control of the bullet train, must have excellent professional quality.We compete to improve each other’s business skills.”Brother Deng Xinwen said.In 2019, the story of the two brothers riding the high-speed train at night together during the Spring Festival was broadcast on CCTV’s “Morning News”. Recently, deng Xinwen was awarded the “Locomotive Medal”, making everyone know the twin brothers who are skilled in business.Deng Xinwen and his apprentice, He Zhongli, watch the line ahead carefully.”I wanted to learn from Deng Xinwen and Deng Xinwu for a long time.”At the beginning of this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, two twins, He Zhongli and He Zhongzhi, obtained the emU driver qualification with excellent results respectively in the emU driver promotion examination.Considering the high degree of tacit understanding between the twins, and Deng Xinwen, Deng Xinwu are both skilled business “old driver”, naturally became he Zhongli, He Zhongzhi two brothers master.With the addition of the “night emU”, the “special training” of the twins’ apprentices was also carried out.Gui-guang Line is a busy trunk line in Nanning Bureau. On that day, Deng Xinwu and his apprentice He Zhongzhi went south from Guilin to Guangzhou. At dawn and night, Deng Xinwen and his apprentice He Zhongli returned to Guilin from Foshan.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, they have been working continuously online for nine days, taking on more than 20 EMU trains, delivering passengers safely to their destinations one after another.Source: China Youth Daily client