With rich ingredients, the braised rice with fresh vegetables and purple potatoes is rich in milk flavor, nutritious and delicious, and the staple food that children love to eat

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Hello everyone, here is Yang Dad’s parenting, the theme of the introduction of simple parenting complementary food and parenting knowledge, just to share better for children.This food is suitable for children over 3 years old.In our daily life, I believe that many parents know that purple potato is a very good coarse grain.Because now the food is more and more refined, every time the screening has let the nutrition loss a lot, so for most of the staple food, in fact, eat the nutrition of the child’s mouth is not much.It is for this reason that many experts advocate eating some coarse grains properly, and it is because of this suggestion that a lot of coarse grains have become the composition of supplementary food for children in the home.Take the braised rice with fresh vegetables and purple potatoes shared today as an example. The author made a simple fusion of potatoes, lettuce, zucchini, purple potatoes, vegetable peppers, rice and fresh milk. The flavor of the finished product is not only delicious and slightly sweet, but also its nutritional richness should be known only from the proportion of food materials.Children at home love this good-looking and delicious staple food.If you’re interested in today’s parenting treat, take a look at how it’s cooked and enjoy it.Braised rice with fresh vegetables and purple potatoes: three purple potatoes, 180g rice, one zucchini, one lettuce each, one pepper each of two colors, one potato, 5g sugar, 1g salt and chicken essence, 15g solid butter, 40ml fresh milk, 15g garlic slices.The first step: first of all, the prepared purple potato, potato, lettuce, zucchini, pepper were cut into small pieces;Soak the rice in clean water for 20 minutes.Step 2: Add the right amount of oil to the pot, five into the oil temperature into the garlic slices until fragrant, then wash the clean rice into it, properly stir fry for a minute, add into the pot cut into pieces of purple potatoes and potatoes, as well as the food material level of water, without stirring, cover the lid, according to the normal cooking mode, stew can be.In contrast to this step, if the gas stove heat is not well controlled, you can also use a rice cooker directly.The second step: then put the prepared pieces of lettuce, zucchini, pepper into the pot, stir fry a few times, cover the cover and simmer for three minutes.Step 3: Finally, pour the prepared fresh milk, butter, salt, chicken essence and sugar into the pot, keep stirring until the butter completely melts, and continue to stew for about two minutes. Then you can put it in a bowl and taste it.Relative to today’s parenting food, because it is to do for children at home to eat supplementary food, so in the taste above will be soft and rotten characteristics.If you really like today’s staple, try it at home.So today’s parenting food to share here, if you still want to know more about parenting food and knowledge, might as well pay more attention to me!If you do not understand the introduction of the article, you can also talk about the author, I will answer your questions in detail.This article by Yang Dad’s parenting by personal original, welcome a lot of praise, collection, attention, comments oh, we will be there tomorrow.