You are my poison

2022-05-11 0 By

You are my poison, I am your cry, who is who can not control.Won’t answer your calls, block your texts, don’t look at your hot eyes from the headlines, shut down all your feeds.Because I had become your prisoner, and then afraid of you steal my bones, let me in front of all your completely defeat.Who is my poison, WHO am I crying, who and who have not hold?My world you have been.In the heart of the cabin, you are the only settled.You don’t take the key to your heart lock, but you leave it at the door.I appreciate the vows, but I had a bit of a bit. bet.The seas run dry and the rocks crumble, so even I lose.All night listening to snow, full of bed to find the way.My world no longer your footsteps.Familiar with the signal that you have already quit, kissy works completely removed.A cup of drink without your loneliness.In a trance.Why don’t you give me a chance to turn back, you should know that I am the pig in your arms.The outside world is strange.Your warmth, my way home.123 pictures from the network, if you do not want to.Contact quick Delete!