Haidian Xueyuan Road Street Yicheng community, Xuezhiyuan community continue to carry out garbage classification related work

2022-05-12 0 By

Since January 25, Yicheng Community, Xueyuan Road Street, has carried out the 2022 community youth social practice activities.Recently, the community has carried out many youth bucket station guard.The children wear the armbands and name tags of garbage sorting volunteers to supervise and guide the residents who put garbage in, and advocate the residents to consciously classify garbage and put it in, especially to pay attention to the purity of kitchen waste.This youth social practice activity, further improve the community youth’s understanding of garbage classification, for the construction of a beautiful and harmonious community to contribute their own strength.On the afternoon of February 11th, Xuezhiyuan Community organized principals of six residential properties under its district to hold a waste classification deployment meeting.The meeting was presided over by Yang Qian, secretary of the Party Committee of Xuezhiyuan Community and director of the neighborhood Committee.First of all, the community health director informed xuezhiyuan community of the problems in January 2022 in the amount of kitchen waste, classification facilities up to the standard rate, bucket station on duty rate, residents independent classification and delivery, and conveyed the garbage classification on duty incentive policies and reward and punishment standards.Then Yang Qian one by one, ask the village head for, listen to the property of garbage classification problem, head of the corrective actions, and to emphasize property to do a good job cleaning, pickup, etc, the garbage sorting unattended incentives and rewards and punishment standard message to each on-duty staff, require unattended personnel must have responsibility to the people, to further encourage each property will do fine solid waste classification work,Avoid problems such as overflowing garbage and scattering.Finally, the person in charge of the residential property said that they would fully support the community work, ensure the quality and quantity to complete the task, and ensure the orderly development of the community garbage classification work.