More than payment code new rules!Three rules will take effect on March 1, including one that will allow you to “collect money”

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More than receiving code article | technology king new rules!Three rules will come into effect on March 1, one of which will allow you to “get paid”!This period of time, the information about the new rules of the collection code on the Internet made a boiling public.According to documents issued by the central bank, from March 1, personal payment codes can not be used for business receivables.In the future, large enterprises and small vegetable market vendors will be required to use the merchant code when they use alipay or wechat payment code to collect money. If they also use personal payment code for business payment, the responsible person will be punished once the big data system finds out that they use personal payment code for business payment.The implementation of the new rules on payment codes has a big impact on merchants, because it means that in the future, they will need to spend 0.5% more on cash withdrawal rates.Friends who have used personal payment code know that the withdrawal rate of personal payment code is 0.1%, which is a handling fee of 1 yuan for withdrawal of 1000 yuan.However, if it is merchant payment code, the withdrawal rate is more than double that simple, merchant payment code withdrawal rate is 0.6%, that is, 1000 yuan needs 6 yuan handling fee.Frankly speaking, this rate is still quite exaggerated, and it is quite unfriendly to small and micro vendors.Take those small vendors in the vegetable market for example. The market is already under great pressure from competition. In the past two years, there has been a community group purchase pressure on the head.It is worth mentioning that on March 1, not only the new rules of payment code will be implemented, but also two provisions will be implemented on this day.In other words, on March 1st there will be three rules, one of which will get paid.Start with the second rule, also issued by the central bank, which will take effect on March 1st.According to a document issued by the central bank, deposits and withdrawals of more than 50,000 yuan from March 1 will be required to register the source and main purpose of the funds.This means that in the future, it will become more difficult to withdraw money and save it, rather than the straightforward worry it was before.Of course, this registration on the whole is not complex, only need to explain the source of funds and use to the bank staff can, only extremely unusual circumstances, just may face more strict and meticulous examination and questioning.In addition, according to the data released by the central bank, the number of cash deposits and withdrawals of more than 50,000 RMB accounts for only about 2% of the total cash deposits and withdrawals, which means that the target audience of this regulation is only a very small number of people, and most people do not need to worry too much.And even if you are really asked about the source and use of funds, as long as your income is legal and transparent, you can quickly pass the corresponding audit process, without too much worry.The third rule, also related to money, was not just introduced this year.Starting from March 1, 2022, individual residents who meet relevant regulations will be required to settle their comprehensive income tax for 2021, according to a statement released by the State Administration of Taxation on Feb 9.For the vast majority of ordinary workers, the announcement means that as long as you pay taxes in 2021, you can “get paid.”As we all know, paying taxes is the most basic responsibility of citizens. In China, as long as your monthly salary exceeds 5,000 yuan, you will have to pay individual income tax on the excess, with the tax rate ranging from 3% to 45%.Under normal circumstances, when many companies pay taxes to employees, they will give priority to the amount of employees’ personal income tax that is higher than the standard. The advantage of this is that once employees’ annual income exceeds the standard, they do not need to pay additional taxes.There’s a catch, though: you may end up paying more taxes if your total income remains the same.And this country starts the individual comprehensive income tax settlement regulation, is to let this part of the people who pay more taxes and fees, get back the taxes and fees paid in the past year.So technically, this is a “refund”, not a “receipt”.Of course, no matter what they say, most people are happy just to get their money, even if it’s money they “saved” over the past year.Below about how to get the money, as long as you a monthly income of more than 5000 yuan, you can in the mobile application store search “APP” individual income tax, truthfully fill in personal information, then click on the application of the page “comprehensive income annual settlement”, will be able to view it can get how much money (wait until March 1 to see).Important reminder: if you have children in school or the elderly need to support, you can also click on the “special tax deduction fill”, after the approval, you can also get a sum of money, do not forget!To sum up, the three regulations will come into effect on March 1. Both the good news and the bad news are that they will get more money, and the bad news is that the cost of doing business in the New Year will increase again.Finally, what do you think of the three regulations coming into effect in March?