2-18 Beidanzai Selection: Japan league opener, Kawasaki Strikers VS FC Tokyo

2022-05-13 0 By

Today’s north single 47 games, the opening match of the day!The Kawasaki Strikers have won the title 4 times in 5 seasons since 2017. They are already the undisputed top team in Japan.Although the squad changed before the start of the season, the overall strength is not much weaker than last season.However, the Kawasaki strikers were not at their best when they lost 2-0 to Urawa Red Diamond in the Japanese Super Cup before the league opened.FC Tokyo’s foreign teacher, Daniel Puih, is likely to switch from attacking defence to ball control, but it is doubtful whether the team will be able to adapt immediately.There is still a big gap between the two teams in terms of hard power, but Kawasaki’s pre-season debut was not ideal, and it is not clear whether he can adjust his form.In terms of record, Kawasaki has more wins than losses, but most of the time by only one goal, and the numbers are not strong enough to support Kawasaki.Bundesliga mainz are in ninth place with 31 points from 22 games, nine points beyond the relegation play-offs, and the team has scored all their points at home this season.Bayer Leverkusen are third in the Bundesliga with 41 points from 22 games and are in good form after a 4-2 win over Stuttgart in the last round.The two teams in the clash of bayer Leverkusen 7 wins 1 draw remain unbeaten, occupy the advantage, but the data does not look good for pharmaceutical companies.Combined with north single and data, this service is optimistic about the two teams to draw.Match time: Melbourne City VS New York JetsMelbourne is stronger than the New Jets in strength, and this round is home, data is also sufficient support for Melbourne, in contrast to the new Jets more unstable performance, plus they are not good at away battle, the comprehensive look at Melbourne city at home to win.Serie A Juventus (-1) vs Turin In the last 15 games 10 wins 5 draws unbeaten, excellent condition, and the last 7 home 6 wins 1 draw, home is very stable.Torino lost 2-1 to Venice in the last round of the league, drawing one and losing two of their last three games.Combined with north single and data, this service is optimistic about Juventus win.North Dan view: 3 1