Board to board connector can be applied in a wide range of large market development space in 2022-2026

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Board to board connector can be used in a wide range of market development space board to board connector, is through the PIN pin for the printed circuit board (PCB) to provide a pluggable connection, connected power supply and signal of a micro coupling plug socket.In all connector products, the transmission capacity of board-to-board connector is the strongest, and its application range is wide, which can be applied in electronics, communications, power, household appliances, office equipment, automotive, industrial equipment, medical equipment, military and other fields.Board-to-board connectors are indispensable in many application fields. When assembling PCB, board-to-board connectors must have small size, high precision, impact resistance, vibration resistance, high compatibility, high degree of freedom, long service life, and can meet the requirements of automation.In the electronic field, board-to-board connector can be used in LED display manufacturing, in the industrial field, board-to-board connector can be used in industrial automation equipment manufacturing.With the development of automotive intelligence, the share of automotive electronics in the cost of the vehicle continues to increase, and the penetration rate of board-to-board connectors in the automotive field is rapidly increasing.In the automotive field, wireless communication, vehicle navigation, audio and video system, radar system and other aspects need to apply the board to board connector.Moreover, at present, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and unmanned driving system are two important directions of intelligent development of automobile. In order to ensure automobile safety, the installation of high-performance onboard ECU (electronic control unit) in the vehicle is increasing.PCBS are an important part of ECU, and board-to-board connectors are increasingly needed to connect multiple PCBS.In addition, the battery management system of new energy vehicles also needs to apply board-to-board connectors. In general, the board-to-board connectors have a large market space.According to the “2022-2026 board to board connector industry in-depth market research and investment strategy recommendation report” released by Siworld Industry Research Center, benefiting from automotive, electronics, communications, industrial and other fields of demand, the global board to board connector market scale is growing.In 2021, the global market size of board-to-board connector is about 25.8 billion yuan, and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 4.1% in 2021-2026, and the market size will reach more than 31.5 billion yuan in 2026.The global board-to-board connector industry has a good development prospect.On a global scale,Board to board connector manufacturers are mainly Swiss Teco electronics (TE Connectivity), Switzerland ERNIElectronics, HARTING, FCI, Amphenol, Molex, Delphi, Samtec, JST, JAE, Hirose, YAMAICHI), China Yangtze River connector, etc.According to industry analysts at Siworld, the board-to-board connector is an important component for PCB pluggable connection with its small size and high precision, and is indispensable in many application fields.With the continuous development of China’s electronics, communications, automotive, industrial automation and other industries, China’s market demand for board-to-board connectors is rising, the industry development space is increasing.At present, in the global scope, the leading board-to-board connector manufacturers are mainly European and American enterprises, China’s enterprises in the international market competitiveness is weak, there is a greater room for progress in the future.