Primary school composition “true love” popular, between the lines are “hint”, did not expect the teacher cattle

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According to the survey, 65% of primary school students are more hate to write a composition, after all, in the age of writing a small script will feel tired, want to let them write a complete composition can be seen is more difficult.But the classmates do not love to write is on the one hand, the teacher still wants to decorate naturally, it is to teach requirement not only, composition level should begin to cultivate as a child after all, but on the other hand, also be because the primary school student regards as be read a book teacher “happy fount”.Primary school students’ ideas are more unrestrained and unrestrained. Their views on one thing are always different from those of adults, which may also be their unique perspective on things. They always mix a lot of their real ideas in their compositions.Although the writing of the composition needs to inject their own views, as well as their own unique insights, but the primary school students may sometimes be too “presumptuous”, and even let the teacher laugh and cry.Pupil composition “true love”, between the lines of “implication”, thought that the teacher more cattle extensive and profound Chinese language, we are in the process of study and life at ordinary times, often see some homophonic word, of course, in the process of learning, the teacher will kiss one charge, to better distinguish the meaning of every word.But some students can be more homophonic words, polyphonic words and so on to the extreme, they will be part of the word into the composition, therefore, primary school composition “true love” on the popular network.In the name of breaking up with “Zhong Qiu Jie”, to express the “Mid-Autumn Festival”, but wait for “Guo Qingjie”, also known as the “National Day”, if you look at the calendar at this time, then you will find this primary school students writing routine.Every festival into the composition, looks like the existence of a character, in fact, is the primary school students want to have a holiday, and in the end also shows the central idea of the composition, the heart love or “Bushang snow”.Although words are “implication” of elementary composition, but also not to be outdone, after the teacher to see “the teacher love it’s snow brother it’s class”, have to say is one mountain is higher than one mountain, not the kui is a teacher, for elementary student’s small mind or hold tightly, also don’t know what will the pupils.A primary school teacher who read a composition written by her classmates openly on the Internet regretted it after she was halfway through it, as pupils frequently used the phrase “my head teacher” and every sentence was a punch line.This composition is entitled “My head teacher”, and the main content is also the character image and daily life of the head teacher. “My head teacher is a fat and fat person, like a hamster, and he is 39 years old”.This kind of introduction made the teacher confused and asked, “39 is old?””His legs are as short as Lu Ban no. 7, he is very young, and half of his hair has been lost.”Nowadays, it is quite normal for young people to lose some hair due to work pressure. However, the teacher did not get angry at such writing style, but read it with a smile. Netizens also said that the teacher must have a good relationship with his classmates.Composition is an important part of Chinese teaching is well known, has been the subject of Chinese in the form of basic subjects of students learning, the students also seems to have become accustomed to the existence of the language, but there are Chinese there will be a composition, starting from primary school, the students began to contact composition, relatively speaking, only to elementary school students composition requirement is not high.Not only will not have too many words on the requirements, as long as the central idea is clearly expressed, no typos, keep the language smooth can, but for students to write a good composition seems to be still a challenge.But the composition is also an important part of Chinese teaching, and accounts for a relatively high proportion of points, the topic in the Chinese paper is relatively more, but the composition is the main body, basically will occupy about one-third of the score, with the growth of the learning grade, the proportion of points will be more and more high, until the final 60 points.Therefore, students still need to have a positive attitude towards the writing and practice of the composition, after all, it will affect their final test scores, and even their future development.If you want to improve your writing, the cultivation of reading ability is the key.So if students want to improve their writing level, reading ability is the key, because students in the process of reading will be exposed to a lot of universal sentences, or relatively universal words, etc., can be borrowed into their own compositions.First of all, you should be interested in reading. After all, interest is the best teacher. You can choose your favorite books to read, not only limited to textbooks, and cultivate yourself from many aspects.Today’s topic: What do you think of the compositions written by primary school students?