Prince Harry is unhappy in the US and asks to return to The UK, but the Queen, Prince Charles is not impressed

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Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, are said to have gained an important insight into life in America.According to a recent report in the National Enquirer, Prince Harry isn’t happy in America, but he’s worried about hurting his wife, so he tries to act happy in front of her.Unlike his wife Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is reportedly having a tough time in Los Angeles.Prince Harry has struggled to adjust to his new life in the United States since leaving the British royal family in early 2020.Fortunately for him, the Duke of Sussex’s sense of directionlessness won’t last forever.Sources said harry is likely to miss his friends in the British army and the Duke of Sussex is now missing his old life.After all, he has no friends in Los Angeles and no real job (though he is chief influence officer for several companies that simply exploit Harry’s royal pedigree).As a result, Prince Harry is understandably a bit overwhelmed.But Archie’s dad won’t be like this forever.Another source recently told The Daily Telegraph that Prince Harry has told his friends how much he misses the army and his military appointments.In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Shocked the world by announcing their retirement from the British royal family.The statement said they hoped to be able to carry out royal duties within their limited capabilities.After meeting the Queen, the royal couple were told they would have to give up their roles completely if they wanted to leave the company.He was officially relieved of his military commission on March 31, 2020, after leaving the royal family with Meghan.Prince Harry has reportedly told his friends that he can’t believe this is what happened in the wake of “Meghan Brexit.”He couldn’t believe his life had been turned upside down.Life was so good for the Duke of Sussex when he was in the army, and it was so good when he met his wife.However, Prince Harry could never have foreseen that things would turn out the way they have recently.British tabloids also claimed harry had lost a significant amount of weight since leaving the COUNTRY.They believe his weight loss was due to sadness and regret over his decision to leave his family.It has emerged that Prince Harry has been asking Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II for permission to return to Britain with their children, but neither senior member of the royal family was swayed.They are concerned that they are picking up the TAB for Prince Harry and Meghan’s family travel only to see Meghan return home with more rows with the Queen.Insiders also say harry wants to return to the UK for a short holiday before returning to the US to pack his bags before moving to Britain permanently, and that he wants to return to his royal duties.”He wants to rejoin the royal family.But the final decision rests with her Majesty the Queen, who he knows is furious at his campaign of slander and contempt for the royal family.So he shamelessly used his father to approach his iron-willed grandmother and beg her to let him go back with Megan and their young children.”Prince Harry has also been using Prince Charles as leverage for his return to the royal family.Prince Charles and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, have been in touch, the source said, as Charles believes the best time for Harry to return is the Queen’s platinum anniversary in June 2022.But while prince Harry’s strained relationship with his father prince Charles appears to be easing, his relationship with the Queen is not.After all, the monarch has been at the centre of every royal scandal over the past few years.”Prince Harry knows the Queen will be a tough nut to crack and the pain he and Meghan have caused her is immeasurable.”Thanks for reading!Press and like for three seconds and a miracle will happen!