Silver public security snow stalwart to protect peace

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On February 5, a light to moderate snow fell in Baiyin city, bringing safety hazards to road traffic.In order to maximize the safety of people’s travel, prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, the Baiyin public security bureau took the snow as the order, quickly launched severe weather road traffic emergency management plan, all police mobilization, strengthen traffic safety prevention, patrol control.At the same time, actively coordinate the road maintenance departments to spread snow melt agent, industrial salt and shovel ice to remove snow, minimize the impact of snow and ice weather on road traffic, to ensure the safety of the masses.▲ Brave the wind and snow, stick to the post, guide the vehicle safety ▲ Salt melt snow, shovel ice removal ▲ “snow” in the carbon, warm you and me ▲ Snow duty stick to protect safety snow safety tips ● Rain and snow weather to avoid driving on slippery road, should avoid driving.If you are forced to drive, you should check whether tires, brakes, lights and other devices are safe and normal before going out.● Keep the low speed of the snow day road slippery adhesion is low, driving danger coefficient increases, so the speed must be reduced to prevent the occurrence of rear-end collision caused by too fast speed.In case of emergency, please do not hit the steering wheel, to avoid the vehicle loss of adhesion and skid.Lower your speed and keep a safe distance when driving on the highway in foggy snow.Under normal circumstances: visibility less than 500 meters more than 200 meters, speed shall not exceed 80 kilometers;When visibility is less than 200 meters and more than 100 meters, the speed shall not exceed 60 kilometers per hour.Rear-end collisions are much more likely to occur on icy roads than on dry ones. After all, the grip of tires is much lower, so it is necessary to increase the distance between cars.● Snow brake to “early” to “soft” in winter in the case of sudden drop in temperature, sometimes on the brake disc with a layer of frost or thin ice, serious will also cause the brake caliper closed failure.Accordingly, cold weather drives, must check brake system, after start vehicle should tread lightly brake of a few feet, examine brake is normal, lest appear when the problem catch oneself by surprise.For snow driving trick, is mainly a “early” word and a “soft” word, even in the absence of snow and ice on the road, the effect of winter braking is different from other seasons, because the winter tires and road are “hard”, so winter driving braking should be early light step.Large cars driving on rainy days can bring a lot of potential dangers to small vehicles, so stay away from them.(1) Keep a long distance from large cars;② Don’t let large cars block the line of sight;③ Pay attention to the blind spot of large vehicles to avoid danger;(4) Stay away from large vehicles to avoid the rain splashed by large cars and interfere with driving;⑤ Do not blindly follow, large cars can pass through the water section, small cars may not be able to pass smoothly.● Keep a good vision it is very important to keep a good vision on rainy and snowy days because drivers can’t see easily, which can lead to traffic accidents.(1) Open the wiper and clean the raindrops in time;(2) When the weather is dim, turn on the close light, fog light and outline light;(3) fog inside the car: the car is hot, the car is cold open cold air conditioning, set to blow the front file, quickly and effectively remove the fog inside the car.(4) fog outside the car: cold inside the car, hot outside the car open wipers, and then open hot air conditioning on the glass blowing, heating quickly remove fog.⑤ Pay attention to the surrounding road conditions and drive carefully.Baiyin Public Security prompts the majority of traffic participants:Snow travel should be careful to choose travel route and snow can lead to a wet road is icy, safety, risk, vehicles as they passed into a sharp curve, steep slope and so on risk, should slow down, don’t controlling, more don’t change lanes and overtaking, the direction of a don’t worry, to avoid nasty refueling, brakes, meet an emergency should remain calm and avoid accidents.