What do I mean by quantile value

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Stock fractional value is the stock in the price/earnings ratio fractional value PE or price/earnings ratio fractional value PB.1. The stock market refers to the stock market. The stock market refers to the place where issued stocks are transferred, bought and sold, and circulated.It is based on the issuance market, also known as the secondary market.A stock offering is the process by which a company sells new stock.Once the new shares are issued, the shares shall be subscribed and held by the middleman or by the person who has entered the hands of the solicitor and become a shareholder.This process generally has no fixed centralized place, or is issued by the company itself, and is more commonly underwritten by investment banks, trust companies, securities companies and brokers.3. Price-earnings ratio is divided into static price-earnings ratio and dynamic price-earnings ratio. Static price-earnings ratio = market price per share/earnings per share.P/E ratio is low, indicating that the shorter the payback period, the smaller the investment risk, the greater the investment value of the stock;On the contrary, a higher p/E ratio indicates that the payback period is longer. At the same time, a stock is overvalued and its bubble is larger, so the investment risk is greater and the investment value of the stock is smaller.